Month: October 2015

The Best Eyebrow Products on the Cosmetic Market

The second most important thing in your life after your children should be your eye brow game. Ok so maybe not but… It should definitely be on the list. Your face could be beat to the gods, looking like an airbrushed Barbie with a highlight so bright it blinds anyone who looks at you but […]

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Pros and Cons of Tape Extensions

On my life long quest for long hair, different styles and crazy colors I’ve tried an array of different extension methods. I have recently tried crotchet braids and I also detailed to you my journey with clip in extensions. So I felt it my duty to share with you my thoughts on tape in extensions. […]

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Bellami Bellissima Hair Extensions Review

Well I’m back, and once again I have something to say about hair. I’m on such a hair kick lately I think because my natural hair is such a scary mess, I refuse to wear it without some help. So after the crochet braid disaster I decided to give clip in’s one more try, and […]

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Crotchet Braids on Caucasian Hair

Crochet Braids

I recently discovered a new (to me) hairstyle called crochet braids. I was and still am super pumped about the hair style, however I am thoroughly bummed that they just don’t work for my hair type (insert crying face emoji here). I encourage you to keep reading though, by the time I am done you […]

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