Month: January 2016

Q&A with Andrea Rosas

Andrea Rosas

What eye lashes do you wear? A lot of people ask me where my lashes are from! I swear I just get them at some fashion store, they are so bomb! They are called Stardel lashes #43. What do you use to fill in your brows? I use a Mac shadow, Brun. What is your […]

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Q&A w Stelanunez!

You asked and she answered! The meme queen herself, has answered all the questions you guys asked, begin reading below to find out all your answers! What are your favorite lashes? My favorite pair of lashes are DODOLASHES in the style D115. I’m affiliated with them so if you want    to purchase my lashes, you […]

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Winged Liner Hack, Liner.Designer

There’s a new answer to the question: How do I do winged eyeliner? So this is a pretty exciting knowledge bomb that I am about to drop right here. It could very well, change your makeup game, and possibly world forever. The beloved Beauty Blender Company, who brought us the original beauty blender that changed […]

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Christina Reyes aka spanishcvndy

Today, we are stepping a little outside of the box, and introducing you to a not so typical makeup artist from Instagram. I am introducing you to Miss Christina Reyes, AKA @Spanishcvndy. This sexy, fiery tempered Latina is not a traditional makeup artist, but when she came up on the “gram” everyone noticed one thing: […]

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Stephanie B (@stephie.b_)

Once again I would like to introduce you all to a young lady who is a true inspiration! I began following Stephanie on Instagram a few months ago, she caught my eye because her makeup skills were flawless, and most importantly she came off as very sweet and humble. I have watched her page and […]

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Top 5 Highlighters for Your Best Makeup

Highlighters Makeup

By: @alyssa.aesthics To have a highlight that rivals the Gods, just as your favorite Instagram MUA’s like Amrezy & Carli Bybel, I’ve selected 5 products from my collection that I think will take your highlight to a whole other level. The cheekbones are a great focal point on your face, and adding that extra shimmer […]

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Mermaid Hair With Ion Hair Color

Ion Hair Color

Mermaid hair transformation using Ion Hair color, in Titanium, Azure, and Lavender! As 2016 has fallen upon us, many of us will open the door to new things, and turn our backs on our old bad habits. However one things I am so not ready to give up on, is; Mermaid hair. Mermaid hair, rainbow […]

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