Month: September 2016

Bretman Rock Taking Heat for Cultural Appropriation

Beauty and YouTube freaking legend, Bretman Rock is not for the drama. When do you ever hear oh Bretman said this? Or Bretman said that. Never! Bretman appears to be quite the free spirit, all about fun, individality and most importantly creativity. Bretman’s zone is a no drama zone, and he rarely does anything too […]

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Desi Perkins Drops Knowledge Bomb- Soap Brows

News flash people it’s 2016 and the most important part of your makeup routine are your eyebrows! You can put a full beat on, and if your brows aren’t on fleek then you just ain’t cute boo. On the flip side, you could put no makeup on, just do your brows and slay some bitches. […]

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Illuminate Cosmetics By Ashley Tisdale Brushes Sold Out!

Who knew Ashley Tisdale was still in the game? I haven’t heard a peep from, or about Ashley Tisdale since she finally aged off the Disney Channel, ditching Zach, Cody, Zac, and Vanessa. It wasn’t until recent that I caught wind of Ashley’s collab with BH Cosmetics. Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale is a collection designed […]

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L.A. Girl Pro Concealers are My Ultimate Favorite

I freaking LOVE these concealers. I stock up on them like nobody’s business. They work so well, come in such a huge assortment of colors, including correcting colors which aren’t always the easiest to come by, and they are soooooo affordable! L.A. Girl Pro Concealers are extremely affordable. Which in my world, where I have […]

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