Month: November 2016

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Sweat Shop

Is Khloe Kardashian running a sweatshop? KoKo is extremely proud of her new denim line, Good American, and it’s overwhelming success! To show off her newest business endeavor she took to Snap Chat to show people around the Good American factory. Khloe brags that the rips in her brand’s jeans are all hand made on […]

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Karla Jara and KBurton AKA SpecialK Dating?!

#BAEWATCH That’s right! TheeRealKarlaJ found her self a boo! Snap chat’s from both the beauty guru, and the YouTube comedian have confirmed that there is something going on. No formal announcement has come but subtle Insta captions, and photo tags have pointed the way. Look how cute they are!!!!!! Karla is an Instagram model turned […]

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Pink Moon Lounge Wear Review

Ladies. Ya’ll need this shit. Men. Ya’ll need to buy your woman this shit. Pink Moon Lounge Wear went viral after their design for brilliantly sexy, and comfortable velvet booty shorts went viral. Girls around the world were on a manhunt to figure out where the hell these shorts came from. My search lead me […]

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Did VH1 Really Buy Dutchess Ring? Not Ceasar?!

This shit is tooooooooooo funny! Dutchess and Ceasar broke off their engagement and Dutchess is now spilling the tea! Ceasar did not buy her engagement ring! If you are unfamiliar, Dutchess and Ceaser are stars of the VH1 reality TV show, Black Ink Crew. Black Ink Crew follows Ceasar’s crew at his tattoo shop, in […]

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Woman Does Makeup With Food Products

Run out of makeup? No problem. Your fridge will do! This woman’s video went viral on Twitter, and it’s utterly fascinating, yet kind of repulsive. She begins buy filling in her eyebrows with a makeup brush and Cacao powder, she then cleans up her brows and highlights the brow bown with… butter… yummy. Next she […]

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