Month: December 2016

Lyrica Anderson of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

When Lyrica Anderson joined the third season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, I was beyond skeptical… Before the season even started, the previews of Lyrica and A1’s story line were terrfifying. The whole thing looked like a ratchet ass mess, and I was not impressed. This is where that whole saying ‘don’t judge a […]

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Bring Cyn Santana Back!!!

Petition to bring Cyn Santana and Joe Budden back to Love and Hip Hop!!! Lmao I’m playing ya’ll. Well not really, I mean if Cyn Santana made her way back to my TV screen I would not be complaining, I could do without Joe though. Cyn Santana is now known as the girlfriend of none […]

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Did Rachel Bush and Jordan Poyer Get Engaged?

Are Instagram model, Rachel Bush and Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer engaged? I think yes!!! Looks like not only Lebron, but every other guy in the world has officially missed their chance to bag the infamous Rachel Bush. Long time boyfriend, Jordan Poyer has put a ring on it! Rachel posted to Snap Chat and […]

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Cisco Rosado Is Out Of The Creep Squad

Lookie, lookie here. I guess the creep squad has finally had enough of Cisco Rosado! Cisco Rosado has returned to the cast of Love and Hip Hop, and he has made quite a splash. Last season we saw Cisco dating Miss Mo Money (god only knows why), whilst wooing new kid on the block Mariah […]

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Drake & Jennifer Lopez Dating?!

Looks like Drake finally bagged himself a spanish ting; the queen herself, Jennifer Lopez. Rumors have been swirling for quite awhile about a Drake and JLo romance, but I just couldn’t picture it. Now I can. No caption?!?!?!! I think they’re trying to kill us. Drake uploaded the above photo to Instagram last night with […]

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Ronnie Banks Proposes To Jasmine V

I have tears in my eyes! Vine star Ronnie Banks proposed to longtime girlfriend and mother of his child, Jasmine V. I asked the love of my life to marry me. She's been there for me in my worst moments and I will be there for her. — MettaSin (@iamronniebanks) December 25, 2016 […]

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