Well I’m back, and once again I have something to say about hair. I’m on such a hair kick lately I think because my natural hair is such a scary mess, I refuse to wear it without some help. So after the crochet braid disaster I decided to give clip in’s one more try, and by one more try I really mean ONE more try because I hate clip in extensions more than I hate crooked eyebrows. I decided to put my all in this time, go big or go home right? So I traded in my old Sally Beauty clip in extensions for the famous Bellami clip in’s. If you don’t live under a rock you know what Bellami hair is, and if you don’t then please just go crawl back under whatever rock you came out from underneath. Famous Instagram bloggers such as: Amrezy, MakeupShayla, LillyGhalichi, and many more promote Bellami hair, and give it great reviews. So I decided it was my turn to see what all the fuss was about.

Before I purchased my coveted Bellami hair extensions I did a little research beyond the glamorous Insatgram selfies of our favorite bloggers, and to my surprise I did not find much. I was expecting to find google page after google page of posts, reviews, or YouTube videos but I was way wrong. There were a few good reviews, and a few bad reviews. The bad ones claiming, that after the first wash the hair becomes matted, and tangled. Another one said when she used hot tools on hers without first washing the hair a black residue rubbed off on her irons. I took all of this into consideration and took the plunge.

I went on Bellamihair.com, and after searching and searching through all the different sets that varied in length, color and thickness I selected the Bellissima set. The Bellissima set comes with 220 grams of hair at 22 inches in length spread out over 10 wefts. My hair is a color 1b (natural black) but I dye it darker to a 1 so that it appears jet black, so I chose to get my set of extensions to match. After the tedious task of picking my hair, I placed my order and waited, patiently. Ok not so patiently at all, I was practically foaming at the mouth when the tracking app finally told me my extensions were 40 feet away in my mail box.

After I wiped the drool off my face, I ran to my mailbox and retrieved my package. I opened it and noticed the extensions were well packaged, and even came with a small weft wrapped individually so you could test to make sure the color matched your real hair before you opened the rest, which makes it non-returnable. I opened the rest of the package and immediately noticed how thick the each weft of hair was from root to tip. From former experience this was a major plus because my old extensions were super thin on the bottom, aka they looked like a rat’s tail.  The clips the hair was sewn on to were different as well, they were very sturdy and they were black to match the hair color and they laid extremely flat to my head. They were unbelievably soft and didn’t seem to tangle at all at first touch. Of course over time they became worn, and the more often I wore them, or used heat on them they became more damaged. As I previously stated I hate clip in hair extensions but since I am currently in this hair predicament of mine, they are my best option at the moment, so my final word is: if you want clip in extensions the Bellami Hair Extensions are an okay option given whats available on today’s market, but there is a catch… they are HIGHLY over priced.

Though these hair extensions look good, and seem to stand up for themselves, they aren’t made of 100% human hair as advertised, thus they are not worth the hefty prices. Remember that original review I read, where the girl said her irons turned black after using them on the extensions? Yup, that happened, as well as a putrid burnt hair smell. That was my first inclination that these hair extensions were not made completely of human hair as Bellami claims. These clip in extensions are a bit more coarse than virgin hair extensions, they are covered in chemicals to seal in the synthetic hair and other substitutes that are mixed in (that would be that black residue, and the smell) and they begin to become frizzy and hard to tame over time.

Are they nice looking at first? Yeah. They appear long and thick and shiny, but it doesn’t last. Purchasing from Bellami is basically throwing your money in the garbage. You’re paying virgin hair bundle prices for half synthetic mix crap that you could buy for a fraction of the price at the local beauty supply store. Long story short it’s a freaking scam! I highly suggest if you are in the market for long lasting human hair clip in extensions you look else where.


I gave Bellami one more shot as they claimed they have upgraded their clip in’s and I see nothing of difference. All of the above still stands true, and in my opinion their customer service has gone way down! I highly suggest shopping elsewhere for better customer service, better quality, and better pricing.

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    February 15, 2016 at 8:23 pm (3 years ago)

    This review was super help thank you!

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