The second most important thing in your life after your children should be your eye brow game. Ok so maybe not but… It should definitely be on the list. Your face could be beat to the gods, looking like an airbrushed Barbie with a highlight so bright it blinds anyone who looks at you but if your brows aren’t done then the rest of your work might as well be moot.

#1 Anything brow related is wrong if it does not start off with the three magic words: Anastasia Beverley Hills. That being said, a holy grail in the world of brows is the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow. This is a huge asset to your face. This pomade comes in a myriad of different shades to match your eyebrows, or achieve whatever look it is that you are going for. With the dip brow pomade you need to use an angled brush. Anastasia Beverly Hills makes one with an eyebrow spooly attached to the other end (the number 7 brush), but any angled brush will do. The angled brush combined, the pomade will allow you to achieve those perfect Instagram brows, hair like strokes, and gorgeous arches.

#2 Next up, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz! I love this particular product because it is skillfully easy to get those natural looking brows. With such a thin pencil tip it is very easy to make those hair like looking strokes as you fill in your brows. If you generally look for a more natural look this brow pencil is certainly the way to go. As an added bonus it is a mechanical pencil and does not require any sharpening.

#3 If you are not as into the bold brow phase, would like to look a little more natural, with minimal effort, this next product is a match made in heaven for you. NYX tinted brow mascara will amp up your brows, but not too much. Just swipe across your natural brows a few times and it adds volume and bold beautiful color. This product is very similar to a brow tint that you would receive at the salon without being permanent. Not to mention it is very in expensive for the quality.

#4 If you prefer brow powders to fill in your eyebrows a favorite is the Smash box brow tech trio. Smash box is a prestigious brand, and cult favorite. Their brow powder is often a go to amongst makeup artists I’ve run into. It comes with a brown brow powder and a blonde brow powder as well as a brow wax. Whether you have brown or blonde brows or something in between, bother powders blend together very well in order to create a perfect color match. The brow wax is a great addition, especially if you have pesky brow hairs that you have a hard time keeping in place!

#5 Last but not least, for the perfect brows you need to have the perfect concealer to clean up those lines. Most makeup artists suggest a brow concealer that is two shades lighter than your natural color. I like to use NYX HD concealer. It’s inexpensive, blends very well, and comes with a wand for easy application to the brow area.


I encourage you to try out these products and see which ones the best fit for you, they’re all great. Your perfect brows are just a few flicks of the wrist away with any of these products.

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