Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask

Are you into home beauty treatments that you can do on your own or with friends? I am, they make for a perfect girls night!!! I’m in love with the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask! It is so much fun to use and it’s definitely a mask that gets plenty of glowing reviews and positive media exposure.

I found this amazing mask while I was checking out other beauty blogs online and decided to give it a go. I’m so glad that I did! It’s really unique and I love the way that it cleans, clears and freshens my complexion!

It’s black as night, so it’s different from all of the rest. Also, it’s free of preservatives and comes from a California-based company which utilizes Japanese technology in order to create pure and natural skin care products which are loaded with antioxidants and enzymes. (Boscia is one of my favorite skin care lines! They have a ton of amazing, and unique products. Their exfoliating gel is MY FAVORITE, nothing is as disgusting yet satisfying as putting that gel to use).

Boscia wins awards for its pure, healthy and gentle skin care products, so this is a brand that you’re very safe putting onto your face!

How to Use the Mask:

To use it, I apply a thick layer to clean, dry skin and then let it dry. Once it’s completely dry, it peels off quite easily and I’m left with baby-soft skin which looks pampered and radiant! It’s a ‘high-suction” mask, so it draws out impurities like nobody’s business! For this reason, I use it weekly, although some people use it more. When I first got it I was so obsessed I literally used it every night before bed but eventually my skin was doing so well from using it, that there just wasn’t a need to use such a strong product on a daily basis anymore.

After, I remove the mask by peeling it off, I finish up with a good moisturizer. My current fave is Sake Balm from Boscia. It’s nice to use products from the same skin care line and my experiences with Boscia products have been incredibly good ones so far!

Key Benefits of This Black Mask

As dark as your soul, this exceptional facial mask will clear up your skin, make your pores look smaller (and maybe even completely invisible!) and get rid of impurities and dirt. It will also take away excess oil. In addition, it’s perfect for adding glow and radiance. Its luminizing properties are exceptional.

You’ll probably notice better skin quality right after you use it. I definitely did! If you begin to use it regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy long-term results, and like I said eventually be able to cut back on how often you need to use it.

It works so well because it’s jam-packed with pure plant extracts and essences, including Jojoba Leaf Extract, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Rosemary Leaf Oil and Pinus Pinaster Bark/Bud Extract. This mask has made me understand just how important ingredient purity really is!

I bought it to banish occasional breakouts and it does do a great job! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to clear up pimples. However, I think it will work for all skin types. It’s very nourishing and it delivers beneficial plant extracts to the skin, which plump up its surface as they clarify. As well, it helps me to glow and this is reason enough to use this fun mask regularly.

One secret ingredient in this natural mask is activated black charcoal. It’s a safe and pure ingredient which is deeply soothing and cleansing. It detoxes the skin! Most masks don’t have it and it’s the reason why this luminizing mask is black like onyx.

Is This Mask Right for You?

I should let you know that this mask is a little pricey, due to the purity of its ingredients and the research and development that was performed in order to create it. Organic and natural ingredients tend to be more expensive, so we need to pay a bit more in order to access this kind of preservative-free quality!

I paid $49 for the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. I found it to be worth the money, and I’m happy with the purchase. However, I realize this is a high-end mask and it may be too expensive for some, I don’t generally spend that much money on a face mask so I totally get that the price may have you on the fence. I promise though, it’s worth it.

If you can afford to splurge, this is the ideal beauty treatment for nighttime or weekends. It’s an indulgence that you’ll become addicted to. However, it’s definitely a healthy indulgence and it will make your skin look truly fabulous! So, why not treat yourself to this amazing charcoal mask?








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