How do you know if hair extensions are of low quality? 

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Hair extensions allow you to instantly change the length of your hair, add some extra volume, add some highlights, or completely change your whole color.

Virgin hair is the best type of hair weave or extension, and Brazilian hair is the most popular among virgin hair weaves next to Indian. To most, Brazilian hair extensions are considered the best choice for virgin hair. They can come in wavy, curly, and straight hair patterns. They blend well with most hair textures, and can also be styled easily yet is not prone to tangles and damage. BUT, no matter how great your extensions are supposed to be if they don’t follow suit it’s easily spottable.

Getting high quality Brazilian virgin hair is very important. If you’re planning to buy, it’s best to know some tell-tale signs of low-quality hair extensions.

Signs your hair extensions are low quality:

  • The hair is way too cheap in comparison to other brands

Remember that old stand by, you get what you pay for? The price is often one of the biggest giveaways when shopping for authentic virgin hair. If it is too cheap, then chances are, it is of low quality. Probably even a synthetic blend. This does not mean that you should choose to buy overpriced virgin hair either. Some stores are price gauging because they know customers are nervous to buy cheap and will shell out the extra money. Check out competing stores and figure out what the average price range is. This also doesn’t mean shy away from a deal either. Simply be wary of those “it’s too good to be true” deals because 9 times out of 10 it is too good to be true.

  • Hair texture doesn’t feel natural

Virgin human hair will, well feel like human hair. You’ve got hair on your head, don’t you?! You know what human hair should feel like. Try rubbing the hair downward and upward. Virgin human hair will be smooth when rubbed downwards. Sometimes, when rubbed upwards, there will be some resistance and it won’t be as smooth. Fake and synthetic hair will be smooth when rubbed in either direction. Non-human hair in an effort to appear smooth, and shiny like human hair often ends up being TOO smooth, as well as too shiny. If the hair appears unnaturally lustrous that is a good sign it’s low-quality non-human hair.

  • Burn it!

Cut a few strands from your bundle and put it over a burning flame. If it melts and smells like burning plastic, then it is fake hair. Real virgin hair, on the other hand, will burn instantly.

  • The hair is available in 80 different colors, highlights, and ombres

Natural Brazilian virgin hair comes naturally in off black, or light brown. A seller offering a myriad of unnatural colors is a common sign that the hair they’re selling is low-quality, probably synthetic stuff.

These are a few of the most common signs when it comes to spotting low-quality hair extensions.

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