How many bundles of hair do you need?

The ultimate question when shopping for hair extensions. The answer is: it depends! It depends on what length of hair you’re using, how you plan on installing it, and how much hair you prefer!

So let’s break it down for you, how many bundles of hair do you actually need?

For a traditional sew in it is recommended to use:

12″-2 bundles

14″-3 bundles

16″-3 bundles

18″-3 bundles

20″-3 bundles

22″-3 bundles

24″-4 bundles

26″-4 bundles

28″-4 bundles

30″-4 bundles

Hair usually comes in 3.5 oz bundles, and the longer the hair the thinner the bundle becomes. Keeping this in mind, you have to consider how long you wish to have your hair when purchasing your bundles.

These guidelines tend to vary when it comes to installs, and wigs that require closures or frontals. If you are using a closure which generally measures 4X4, or 5×5 it’s not covering as much surface area as a frontal or 360 frontal would. Meaning that you will probably need the same amount of recommended bundles, but you might end up with a little bit of leftover hair depending.

If you are choosing to use a frontal, measuring around 13X6, this tends to cover about 3 times as much surface area as the aforementioned closure, thus most people wind up being able to get away with one less bundle of hair when using short to medium length hair, or prefer thinner hairstyles.

360 frontal measures about 22″ covering the entire perimeter of the head. This method covers the most surface area and significantly lessens the amount of hair you need to use.

Another factor that plays into your decision is texture! How many bundles of hair you need can also depend on the texture you’re using. Curly hair and straight hair vary drastically when it comes to density. When picking a pattern with curl you could probably get away with using a lesser amount of hair. Straight hair is more difficult to skimp on.

Got a big head? It makes sense that you’re going to need more hair! Do you have an abnormally small head? You’ll need less.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, you should be able to come to a decision on how many bundles your style will require. Remember some basics:

shorter=less, longer=more, straight=more, curly=less, closure=same, frontal=less, 360=way less.

Always estimate needing more than less! You don’t want to be that client that shows up to the appointment with not enough hair! Any hair that you have left over can always be kept for another style!

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