How to Take Care of Brazilian Hair to Help it Last Longer

How well you take care of your Brazilian hair will determine how long it will last. Duh. Purchasing high-quality virgin hair is an investment. Just like anything else, if you spend a lot of your hard earned money on it you want it to last for as long as possible right? If you want your Brazilian hair extensions to stay silky, smooth, and lustrous they need to be maintained properly.

  1. Choose your hair stylist wisely in order to keep your hair lasting as long as possible

Long lasting virgin hair needs to be intact. Weave needs to be installed properly and correctly in order to keep it intact and have it maintain it’s integrity. Do not run the risk of having it destroyed by some inexperienced back door hairstylist who is not well-trained in installing virgin hair extensions and will potentially ruin wefts, hairlines, etc. Professional hairdressers are your best choice in installing your Brazilian hair without any unnecessary damage.

  1. Keep your hair lasting longer by washing infrequently and using a high-quality shampoo

Use mild, silicone-free, paraben free, and sulfate-free shampoo. Realistically it would be best if you could manage to use an organic shampoo. Those can be quite expensive and if it’s not in your budget we prefer Cantu shampoos as they are wallet-friendly, and are free of many harsh chemicals used in traditional shampoos.  Follow it up with a high-quality conditioner, then rinse thoroughly. Be gentle when washing your Brazilian hair and avoid scrunching it up, tangling it, or splitting it.

  1. Avoid heat by air drying!

Just like with your natural hair heat can leave your virgin hair extensions dry and damaged. It is recommended that you air dry your hair extensions as much as possible (natural hair too!). When you get out of the shower, or after you wash your hair, pat the hair down with a towel, and be sure to avoid rubbing it. Rubbing your hair can cause damage from friction and leave it frizzy. Then simply allow them to air dry. If you are in a rush and you need to dry your hair as soon as possible, put your hair dryer on the lowest setting it allows and hold it as far away from your hair as possible to avoid heat damage.

  1. Use the right tools to keep your hair extensions lasting

No brushes, no rat tail combs. Use a wide-tooth comb!!! Using the wrong comb or brush can damage your virgin hair extensions, forcing them to start breaking and shedding. Remember to brush or comb your hair GENTLY. Too much tugging can loosen the weft, or cause unnecessary breakage.

  1. Deep condition your Brazilian hair

Since hair extensions, unlike natural hair, are no longer attached to someone they are missing out on the natural nutrients and oils that hair would generally get. Maintain the health of your Brazilian hair and keep it in its best condition by utilizing deep conditioning treatments on a very regular basis. We’d recommend Olaplex, and if that may not be in your budget Cantu.  Maintain its health with deep hair treatments to keep it from looking and becoming dry and brittle. Keratin treatments while pricey are recommended to work just as well on hair extensions as they are regular hair. Here is an at home Keratin treatment we recommend.

  1. Wrap your hair up before sleeping

Wrapping your natural hair and hair extensions before going to bed will aid enormously in making sure that they last. Many people do not realize the damage that can be caused by sleeping on unwrapped hair. Using a silk or satin wrap or cap is the way to go. We also recommend that if you are one of those people that will forget to wrap your hair maybe investing in a silk pillowcase. Doing this will minimize damage tremendously.

Our Brazilian hair at IRL Hair is of the highest quality and are meant to last! With proper care, your bundles should honestly last you upwards of a year. Personally, I have had some bundles/ wigs for 2+ years that are still intact and wearable! It really comes down to a matter of attention and care.

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