Lace Frontal VS. 360 Lace Frontal, what is the difference you ask? 

In the world of hair, there are a million and one different ways to go about finishing off an install. We are here to explain the difference between two of the most popular options amongst wig wearers, and weave junkies. The traditional lace frontal VS. 360 lace frontal.

Traditional Lace Frontal

-Spans from ear to ear across the perimeter of your face

-Covers your natural hairline surrounding your face

-Allows for your hair to be pulled back around your face

-Allows for free-parting around the hairline

-Extremely natural looking

-High maintenance

-Lower price


360 Lace Frontal

-360 degrees completes a full circle, hence a 360 frontal spans the full perimeter of your head

-Covers your entire hairline

-Allows for all of your hair to be pulled back into a low or high ponytail

-Allows for free parting around your entire hairline

-Most natural looking way to finish a sew-in or wig install

-Extremely high maintenance

-Higher price

Both frontals are great options for those looking for an extremely natural looking hairline, and flexibility with their hairstyles. Make your choice based upon your needs! Customers who are looking for an install often find the 360 lace frontal a great option because it gives you the ability to put your hair up in a high ponytail while remaining undetectable. Those who are using a frontal for a wig often don’t mind using a traditional lace frontal because the wig may be worn only for certain occasions, and can simply be taken off if need be instead of being put into a ponytail. 360 lace frontals are also preferable for those who are looking to drastically change their hair color because they provide a better illusion of a hairline.

We sell both high quality, traditional, and 360 lace frontals for whatever style you desire! They are all made with grade 9A hair available in multiple textures.

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