Revitalize Your Hair Quickly And Naturally

Forty-five percent of American women seek out hair care made with natural ingredients, and it’s easy to see why. Synthetic ingredients can be drying, cause frizz, or are simply ineffective – and so far consumers have been more than happy to find and use natural alternatives. If your hair is prone to damage, or if you want to get rid of your old style without damaging your hair, natural ingredients – especially fruit and vegetable oils – and other simple fixes can be a better way to go than expensive salon treatments or synthetic drugstore products. Here are a few quick fixes to encourage your hair to be stronger and healthier naturally.

Give your hair a break

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to give it a rest from harsh styling or cleansing products, especially those that contain alcohol. Everything from hair creams to shampoo can contain alcohol – and that’s one of the worst things you can put on your hair. Alcohol evaporates quickly, taking some of your hair’s natural moisture with it and causing it to dry out, meaning it becomes brittle and more prone to breakage. One of the most common hair products with alcohol is hairspray. While hairspray is a go-to product to keep up your style throughout the day, it can cause hair damage. Giving your hair a couple weeks off from hairspray can revitalize it and let it start to heal any damage that’s been done, so give it a shot. You’ll notice the difference within a week. Check out this alcohol free hairspray that is safe your for hair!

Summer sun and hair oils

The most dangerous season for hair is summer, because just as the sun can damage your skin it can damage your hair – and there’s no equivalent of sunscreen for your hair. The sun has a similar effect to alcohol on your hair: it dries it out and can lead to breakage. The best solution for avoiding sun-bleaching is to stay out of the sun or wear a hat, but sometimes there’s no avoiding it. Luckily, there’s a next best thing: using natural oils can bolster your hair, hydrate it, and even provide some protection. Avocado oil is an especially good natural oil that you can brush through your hair and leave in throughout the day, hydrating both your hair and scalp as it soaks in.

Moisturizing staples: Co-washing

Giving your hair a break from harsh products can even include staples like shampoo, which also dries your hair out using harsh cleansers like sodium lauryl sulfate. Of course, you shouldn’t stop washing your hair altogether, which is where co-washing comes in. Co-washing uses conditioner to wash and condition the hair, giving your hair a break from shampoos while still giving a gentle cleanse. If your hair is prone to breakage, it’s a great option with several natural products available. Common co-wash ingredients include avocado or coconut, another really moisturizing natural oil. If you do start co-washing, make sure to shampoo your hair every three weeks or so, to avoid buildup of grease or excess oils. The best part is, because of the bleaching effect of the sun, summer is a great time to start trying a co-wash for natural, shiny hair!

Looking after your hair can be a big task sometimes, but there are a few easy fixes that can really help out your hair health without taking up too much of your shower time. You can find other, more intensive revitalizing treatments, like hair masks and pre-wash treatments, but if you’re looking for a way in or just a helping hand, these tips can work wonders.

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