Avoid Getting Burned: 5 Tanning Scams That You Should Be Aware Of

People are twice as likely to be rated as attractive when their photo is edited to give them darker skin, so it is no wonder that more than 35% of American adults have used a tanning bed. While bronzing can provide an instant glow, this popularity has led to a number of tanning scams emerging. If you are looking for a safe and effective tan, then avoid these common frauds and stick to legitimate tanning solutions for truly beautiful skin.

Tyrosine in lotions

When you receive an indoor tan, you may have been advised by the salon to purchase special tyrosine tanning lotion. They claim that this is to speed up the process. However, these supplements are regarded as an untested and ineffective drug by the FDA.

High EMF levels

You may want to bring the beauty salon home and have been tempted by those affordable products on the market such as saunas sold at major retailers. While all tanning beds contain EMF, many store-bought options contain far higher levels than advertised. Stick to professional grade services, which are subject to greater regulation in order to avoid common scams and stay safe.

Airbrush tanning

Many tanning salons have received texts from someone purporting to be a customer. They claim that they are a group of 20 offering big cash for them all to received an airbrush spray tan. However, they will convince you to pay for the bus fare, promising to repay in cash later. Once you send that money, you won’t hear from them again.

Overcharging salons

If you are new to indoor tanning, then you may not be aware of how much a salon should charge. You make an appointment for fixed sunbed fee, but then they add on extra charges once you arrive. By this point, you’ve invested too much time to simply walk away. Do your research online first, checking reviews and prices to be sure that what you’re paying is fair.

Conned into extra tanning

Most beauty salon workers are honest and helpful experts, offering sound advice to each customer. However, there are a few that just want your money. They may push hard for you to buy extra tanning hours that you really don’t need or want. Stand firm and be confident about the amount of sunbed usage you think is right for you.

Indoor tanning a great way to quickly get your body ready for a vacation or special event. It is an important part of many people’s beauty routine. Avoid the scams listed above to ensure a safe and happy tanning experience.

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