What are the differences between a full lace wig and a lace front wig?

Wigs have become so advanced, they’ve gained popularity over sew-ins. There are about a million ways you can go about constructing a wig, and two of the most popular include a lace front, or a full lace method. There are several differences between the two but there is one major difference to take note of.

lace front wig is constructed by sewing a lace frontal or closure onto a wig cap, and constructing the rest of the wig using bundles of hair.

full lace wig is constructed meticulously by hand, by looping individual strands of hair through a lace base to imitate strands of hair growing from a scalp.

Lace fronts are a bit more common because they are cheaper to purchase, or can even be made fairly easily by the wearer themselves, while still being natural looking and versatile. Full lace wigs are certainly popular but not quite as common, given that they can be pricey due to the amount of time it requires to construct them. They are the most natural, and versatile option on the market.

Lace Front Wigs:

-Constructed with a lace frontal or closure, and bundles

-Can be applied with glue, sewn down, or worn with straps/clips

-Hair can be pulled back into a low ponytail

-Part can be made anywhere within the parting space

Full Lace Wigs:

-Entire wig is made from lace

-Can be applied with glue, sewn down, or worn with straps/clips

-Hair can be pulled back into any style your desire, including braids

-Hair can also be parted anywhere around the unit, since the lace appears to look like scalp

Another notable difference between lace front and full lace wigs is the density of the wig. By default, a lace front wig is going to have a higher density because the use of bundles allows for more hair to be placed on the unit, per square inch. A full lace wig is going be less dense because the lace only allows for a set number of hair strands. Often times if a customers feels a full lace wig isn’t thick enough they will have a few wefts of hair sewn in to add additional volume. However doing this kind of defeats the purpose of purchasing a full lace wig since after adding in additional hair you will no longer be able to part the hair in any manner you wish.

Virgin wig wearer? Not sure which one is right for you?

A lace front wig will be easier to maintain for a first time wearer, but depending on the density of your own hair you may not be comfortable with the thickness of the unit. If you’re having someone construct the wig for you we recommend asking them to use less bundles for a more natural feeling/appearance.

We sell both full lace and lace front wigs made with high quality grade 9A hair at fair prices.

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