Not entirely sure what Virgin Brazilian hair means? Don’t worry you’re not alone! Hair extensions can get confusing, especially when you start discussing types and origins!

“Brazilian” hair is super popular in the world of hair extensions, probably the most popular type of hair available for purchase next to Indian. But do consumers buying virgin Brazilian hair actually know what it is?

First, and foremost Brazilian hair doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming straight from Brazil. Typically a type of hair gets its label based on the area of origin. Brazilian hair could be coming from Brazil or it could be coming from anywhere else in the middle/ south American regions of the world. Most human hair is coming from indigenous women from small corners of our planet.

Second, not all hair is equal, thus not all hair is virgin. Virgin hair implies that the hair is 100% human (because yes there are synthetic blends out there on the market) and is untouched. Untouched, meaning it has not been chemically processed, dyed or lightened.

Virgin Brazilian hair will be natural in color (medium to dark brown) and will be processed with steam, not chemicals for a customized pattern.

Our Virgin Brazilian hair is featured in our “HBCU” collection. Our Brazilian hair is our most popular collection because it not only brings quality but fair pricing to the table. We encourage our customers to consider the “HBCU” collection when shopping for quality Brazilian hair on a budget. This hair comes to our warehouse in its natural state, is never colored or lightened, and is steamed with water technology for specific patterns! You will not be disappointed!

We offer our virgin Brazilian grade 8A bundles in 12″-34″ starting at just $40.00! Our clip in and tape extensions are also made with our Brazilian virgin hair. 

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