Have you seen hair extensions labeled with density, and wondered what it meant?

The density of hair is determined how many strands cover a measured area.

The density of your hair determines how thick or thin it is. The higher the density the thicker the hair, the lower the density the thinner the hair. Hair density not only applies to hair extensions and wigs but your natural hair as well. Having some knowledge about hair density can come in handy when picking out hair extensions and wigs. Choosing the correct density when it comes to hair extensions can make or break how natural your look appears.

Most standard wigs run between 100-150% density. We carry 150% density lace front and full lace wigs.

It appears more natural when your hairline is less dense than the rest of your head, as demonstrated by the chart above. Which appears more natural to you? 100% or 80%? Most people would agree with 100%.

Also, consider your preferences when choosing density. For example, someone who has thin hair that is closer to 80% density probably would have a hard time adjusting to 150% density.

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