What’s a 360 lace frontal?

The easiest way to describe it is like a headband with hair attached to it.

Do you keep seeing 360 lace frontals everywhere, but still aren’t really sure what they are, or if you should get one?

A 360 lace frontal is a frontal that doesn’t just cover the front. 360 degrees completes a circle, and a 360 frontal covers the circumference of your entire head! 360 frontals are innovative, and allow you to protect 100% of your natural hair and your entire hairline.

Is a 360 lace frontal a good option for you? If you are looking to radically change your hair color, completely protect ALL of your natural hair, or require the ability to be able to pull all of your hair back into a high ponytail or bun then a 360 lace frontal is a great option for your next hairstyle! 360 frontals generally measure 22″, 4″,2″ and provide the greatest amount of hair out of all frontal/closure options. Depending on your desired thickness, you can purchase less hair to install when utilizing a 360 lace frontal.

Changing your hair color with a 360 frontal is seamless, and natural as ever! Your hair will look like it’s coming straight out of your scalp! Look at some examples of flawless looks done with 360 lace frontals:

Our 360 lace frontals are of high quality, with grade 9A hair. They come pre-plucked, with natural looking baby hair, in multiple different textures that will match your bundles perfectly. We use high-quality lace, and hair to provide you with a great product that we know you will love. Our 360 lace frontals are also priced to be affordable for you! We pride ourselves on providing high-quality hair at low prices.

360 frontals offer amazing versatility and are extremely natural looking. They can be used for a sew in, or for wig construction. Generally, a frontal is applied using some form of glue or tape, but can also be sewn down if preferred. Honestly, the only con to be considered is the maintenance, but if you want a natural, laid and slayed hairline a little bit of maintenance is just the price you pay!

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