What’s the difference between a lace frontal and a lace closure you ask? 

Both a frontal and closure are a great way to finish a sew in or wig but there are various differences that could make you choose one over the other. Let’s start with what they both have in common!

Both frontals and closures serve the same purpose, to finish off an install. They take away the need for leave out and blending.

A lace frontal is often a more popular choice in today’s day in age. A frontal generally measures 13X6 or 13X4, extending from temple to temple across the top of the head. This allows for a completely covered natural hairline. Choosing a lace frontal also means that you will have the ability to pull your hair back from the hairline. Variations of lace frontals, such as the 360 lace frontal encompass the entire head. Lace frontals being more versatile, and larger, in general, tend to be more expensive. However, when factoring in pricing keep in mind that using a lace frontal will negate the need for as many bundles.

A lace closure generally measures 4X4, or 4X6. Instead of covering the entire hairline like a frontal, a closure is placed over the “horseshoe” of the head to close the style. The closure method allows for a middle, or side part in the alotted parting space, however with a closure you lose the ability to pull your hair back. This particular finishing method is usually cheaper depending on your hair vendor and is optimal for those who prefer less maintenance.

Most often a frontal is meant to be applied with tape or glue, while a closure is usually sewn down. However there are many ways one can install either product, and it’s really up to your preference.

To break it down simply:

Pro’s: A lace frontal will allow you to show your full hairline, pull your hair back, completely cover your own hairline, looks more realistic and provides more volume.

Con’s: A lace frontal requires more maintenance, and is more expensive.

Pro’s: A lace closure requires minimal maintenance, is less expensive, as well as more durable than a frontal.

Con’s: A lace closure forces you to lose the ability to pull your hair back, allows for minimal parting space, and the install will require more bundles.

Still, need some guidance?

If you like that crazy slicked down baby hair having hairline then a frontal is for you! If you like a more natural, and easy going appearance, with minimal amounts of effort then a closure is probably your best choice.

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