Carli Bybel Vlog’s & Admits to Lip Injections

Carli comes clean about lip injections! Comments have been surfacing again recently on the internet regarding Carli’s lips and apparently last week she decided to break her silence. Before  After In my opinion Carli Bybel’s reasoning is extremely logical, and certainly quite honorable. So yes, Carli had her lips done, twice in fact but she […]

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Who is Miss Nikki Baby of LHHH?

Who (is) Nikki Mudarris AKA Miss Nikki Baby of Love and Hip Hop? We all know this Queen as Miss Nikki Baby. She even refers to herself in this manner sometimes which can be rather annoying but hey, we all know who she is, so she’s doing something right, right? Most of us probably recognize […]

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Who TF is Angel Love (BBWLA) ?

Reality shows are often a stepping stone for want to be celebrities to make their way to becoming the real thing. Sometimes, it’s hard not to wonder where the hell they found these people. Example a; the entire cast of Jersey Shore. Recently one of my favorite shows, BBWLA (Basket Ball Wives L.A. for those […]

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