Kim Kardashian Gets Robbed for Jewlery, While Joanne the Scammer Claims She Robbed Someone For 200k in Jewels

As Kim Kardashian gets robbed at gun point in her Paris hotel, Joanne the Scammer is with Kardashian-West’s frenemy Amber Rose. Joanne and Amber posted a selfie together, captioned: Just stole over 200K in jewels… now we’re on our way to KFC. …Hmmm, is anyone else suspicious? As if that wasn’t enough to arouse suspicion […]

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Bretman Rock Taking Heat for Cultural Appropriation

Beauty and YouTube freaking legend, Bretman Rock is not for the drama. When do you ever hear oh Bretman said this? Or Bretman said that. Never! Bretman appears to be quite the free spirit, all about fun, individality and most importantly creativity. Bretman’s zone is a no drama zone, and he rarely does anything too […]

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Carli Bybel Vlog’s & Admits to Lip Injections

Carli comes clean about lip injections! Comments have been surfacing again recently on the internet regarding Carli’s lips and apparently last week she decided to break her silence. Before  After In my opinion Carli Bybel’s reasoning is extremely logical, and certainly quite honorable. So yes, Carli had her lips done, twice in fact but she […]

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