Who is Amrezy (Amra Olevic)?

Its official, a few weeks ago Glamrezy became official (As if she wasn’t already) on Instagram. Yessss that little blue check mark showed up next to our favorite makeup artist’s name. Amra Olevic is now Instagram verified, but do we even know who the baddest chick in the game really is? I’ve combed the internet […]

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Q&A W/ Melissa Calma!

You asked and she answered! Our favorite 16 year old is back, Melissa Calma (@MelissaCalma) answers all of your questions from Snap Chat and Instagram! Enjoy! Has Instagram fame distracted you from school work or any other things? It’s hasn’t distract me from anything! I always balance my activities out. Homework comes first and my […]

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7 Trends We all Fell For or at Least (almost) Fell For Because the Kardashians Made Us!

Blame the Kardashians! Hairfinity. Everyone has seen Keeks and KoKo posting those pictures that look oh so casual and candid yet are very purposeful, and pointed towards that tiny bottle they’re holding in their hands, or is making an appearance in the background. That bottle is, Hairfinity, a supplement that promises to grow your hair […]

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A Beauty To Watch: Melissa Calma

I know ya’ll have seen her while scrolling through your explore page on Instagram. The first time I came across her picture, I thought oh my god this girl is STUNNING, so of course I had to stalk her page! Among the cute pictures with thousands upon thousands of likes, all the comments stating slay […]

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A Beauty to Watch: Christina Reyes aka spanishcvndy

Today, we are stepping a little outside of the box, and introducing you to a not so typical makeup artist from Instagram. I am introducing you to Miss Christina Reyes, AKA @Spanishcvndy. This sexy, fiery tempered Latina is not a traditional makeup artist, but when she came up on the “gram” everyone noticed one thing: […]

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