Blac Chyna’s Nudes From Rob Kardashian!!!

Have you seen Blac Chyna’s nudes yet? These are the nudes of Blac Chyna that Rob Kardashian deleted from his Instagram page!!! Rob Kardashian is turnt all the way up after what appeared to be a crazy 4th of July for the couple. Rob blasted Chyna on Instagram this morning… and is still going strong […]

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What are Beyonce and Jay-z’s Twins Names?

WHAT ARE BEYONCE’S TWINS NAMES?! Beyonce, as you all must know, gave birth for the second time last week! Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their twins into the world, and kepy it high key under wraps. Though, that hasn’t necesarily been confirmed by the queen herself. Reportedly, Bey, Jay, and the twins are holed up in […]

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Who is Nazanin Kavari’s Boyfriend?!

PSA: Nazanin Kavari has a boyfriend!!! What’s even more mind blowing is that she didn’t already have one! I woulda wifed her already if I was dude. My manz got dreads https://t.co/kOtuPJU1KY — Nazanin Kavari (@Nazaninkavari) April 23, 2017 https://twitter.com/Nazaninkavari/status/856257634432897029 My man is so perfect — Nazanin Kavari (@Nazaninkavari) April 21, 2017 Naz was low […]

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