Who is Nazanin Kavari’s Boyfriend?!

PSA: Nazanin Kavari has a boyfriend!!! What’s even more mind blowing is that she didn’t already have one! I woulda wifed her already if I was dude. My manz got dreads https://t.co/kOtuPJU1KY — Nazanin Kavari (@Nazaninkavari) April 23, 2017 https://twitter.com/Nazaninkavari/status/856257634432897029 My man is so perfect — Nazanin Kavari (@Nazaninkavari) April 21, 2017 Naz was low […]

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Why Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Himself?

What could the reason be for Aaron Hernandez’s suicide? Suicide is often categorized as one of the most selfish things a person could do. Was Aaron Hernandez’s reasoning selfish, or selfless? The masses are speculating that the former NFL player could have committed suicide in order to ensure his toddler age daughter millions upon millions […]

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Who is Tyga’s Hot New Girlfriend?!

Who is Tyga’s hot new girlfriend?!?!?! Now that KYGA is officially over, (sad face) it looks like Tyga is back on the market. It’s not surprising that the relationship between Kylie Jenner, and Tyga didn’t last. Let’s be real, the relationship was doomed from day 1. Reminder, Tyga’s baby mother and fiance, Blac Chyna was […]

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