Danielle Bregoli Punches Woman on Plane. How Bow Dah?

The “Cash me outside, how bow dah” personality, Danielle Ann Bregoli has been caught punching a woman on a plane yesterday after some sort of altercation went on between the woman, and Danielle’s mother. It looks like this airline passenger decided she wasn’t going to cash Danielle outside, instead she waited until she was on […]

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Twitter Haters Fat Shame Girl and Get Her Modeling Job With Zendaya

Zendaya hires young girl who was fat shamed by thousands of Twitter users! Just another reason to love Zendaya. https://twitter.com/RealKhalilU/status/825235084881956865 https://twitter.com/ChriStylezz/status/825166079135723521 A tweet featuring two side by side photos of a young girl has received A LOT of attention from the internet and Zendaya swooped in to give this girl the last laugh. The side […]

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Manny MUA’s Dad is Savage!

Manny MUA’s dad is making major headlines, for a great ass reason! Manny Gutierrez, known all over social media as Manny MUA or Manny Makeup is the first male spokes model for Maybelline! With that, comes great responsibility. Manny’s sponsorship comes on the heels of Cover Girls announcement of their first male spokes model; James […]

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