Carli Bybel Does DIY Yeezy Shoes

Wow! @thenuvogue 😍 #yeezy A post shared by FORPLAY (@styledbyfp) on Sep 12, 2016 at 9:58am PDT This woman is going to put Pablo out of business! Yeezy any season seems to be all the rage lately, and copy cat ideas are floating all over the internet, because I mean come on, is anyone but […]

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Intertwine Collection Presents: Intertwine Collection X Karla Jara

Intertwine Collection model, Karla J has announced fashion collaboration: Intertwine Collection is an online E boutique founded by sisters Shawniece and Shanda. “Intertwine collection celebrates fashion forward women who exude confidence and are constantly expressing themselves through bold, daring and unique ways”. Karla J became the face of this trendy, classy, L.A. based brand and […]

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The Royal Entrepreneur behind Princess P. Jewelry: Pilar Vargas, AKA Queen Pee

Queen Pee, AKA Pilar Vargas, is a hot Latina mogul in the making. We’ve seen her trendy accessories on some of our favorite Instagrammers, YouTubers, and other fashion moguls. We’ve seen her bathing suit line, we’re OBESSED with her adorable daughter; Brooklyn and we’ve had the privilege of oohing and aahing over her glamorous lifestyle. […]

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