NuMe’s Curling Wands

NuMe Curling Wands: Not really worth the pricey investment if you want a truly honest opinion. Are they good? Sure, they are going to work better than a $15 hair appliance from WalMart (been there, tried that) but more than likely a mid-range priced hair wand probably would get the job done just as well, […]

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Run Out of Dry Shampoo? Use a Dupe!

Run out of dry shampoo? It’s okay, you may have these items floating around your house hold! Dry shampoo has become an absolute staple in the beauty industry. I don’t know one chick who still faithfully washes their hair everyday, and although it’s only about $5.00 a bottle, when you’re using a can every two […]

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Sally Beauty’s Euronext Clip in Hair Extensions

Euronext human hair clip in hair extensions review for beginners! The main brand of clip in hair extensions sold at the popular beauty supply store, Sally Beauty Supply is Euronext hair extensions. Back in the day when I began wearing hair extensions in high school, and was completely clueless as to how the world of […]

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What the Hell are Balayage Highlights?

Balayage highlights? Huh? As we have entered into 2017, new hair trends are in full effect. We dumped the ombre trend in 2016, and opted for a more subtle and classier form of highlighting headed into the new year. Say hello to balayage. Balayage means to paint or sweep in the most romantic of the […]

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Who is Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgeon? Meet Simon Ourian

Who is Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeon? WE NEED TO KNOW. Simon Ourian is not only Kylie Jenner’s doctor but the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clans as well! Simon Ourian MD is a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for the stars! Ourian has worked on not only America’s first family, but celebrities and public figures such […]

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