Bellami Ponytail Extensions

Bellami Wrap Ponytail Extensions Review: If you are looking for that celebrity inspired slicked back, sleek, insanely long Rapunzel-esque ponytail and you aren’t trying to mess with making your own ponytail out of Kanekalon, or you don’t know wtf Kanekalon is then I have the solution for you! Ya’ll know I love Bellami clip ins, […]

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@Crochetfrolife spills the tea on crochet braids!

By: @crotchetfrolife Crochet braids have been a style for many, many years. For me personally, finding out about about crotchet braids came as a surprise because I had never even heard of this technique for most of my life. Growing up, I wasn’t knowledgeable when it came to natural hair care because at the age […]

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Mermaid Hair With Ion Hair Color

Ion Hair Color

As 2016 has fallen upon us, many of us will open the door to new things, and turn our backs on our old bad habits. However one things I am so not ready to give up on, is; Mermaid hair. Mermaid hair, rainbow hair, pastel hair, whatever you wish to call it was all the […]

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Pros and Cons of Tape Extensions

On my life long quest for long hair, different styles and crazy colors I’ve tried an array of different extension methods. As we previously discussed I have recently tried crotchet braids and I also detailed to you my journey with clip in extensions. So I felt it my duty to share with you my thoughts […]

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Bellami Hair Extensions Review

Well I’m back, and once again I have something to say about hair. I’m on such a hair kick lately I think because my natural hair is such a scary mess, I refuse to wear it without some help. So after the crochet braid disaster I decided to give clip in’s one more try, and […]

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My Crochet Braid Experience as a Mixed Girl

Crochet Braids

So ladies, and gentlemen maybe, I don’t know, I don’t judge. Anyway I recently discovered a hot new hair trend called crochet braids which I was super freaking excited about. Wait, was is the incorrect word, I am still super freaking excited about them but totally bummed that they just don’t work for my hair […]

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