KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Review


KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Review: A friend of mine introduced me to this AMAZING at home facial tool and I headed straight for my Amazon app and hit that one click button, because I HAD to have this facial steamer. First and foremost if you’ve never had the pleasure of having a facial before, […]

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Palmer’s Olive Oil Spray is a MUST


Everyone needs some Palmer’s Olive Oil Spray in their lives! I LOVE Palmer’s Olive Oil spray! I use it probably 20 times a day, and I seriously feel like it is a must need for a beauty guru’s arsenal! Palmer’s Olive Oil spray is literally olive oil spray. This is not a trick. You can […]

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E.L.F. Cosmetics has a Skin Care Line?! Who Knew?!

elf skin care review

E.L.F. Cosmetics skin care review! The beloved, and trusted cosmetics brand E.L.F. aka “Eyes, Lips, Face” is known for their quality, yet extremely inexpensive products. Many people being huge fans of the brand were very excited to find out that they were coming out with their own skin care products. I was apparently never got […]

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Harambe Shaped Hot Cheeto


A hot cheeto, shaped like Harambe has gone viral on the internet and is being auctioned off for $100,000 dollars. No, I am not joshing you. Remember Harambe? The male gorilla who was unfairly shot and killed at a Cinncinati zoo due to the irresponsible actions of an unattentive mother went viral last year and […]

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Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask


The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask has come across my TV screen on multiple occasions and has peaked much of my interest. What’s a light going to do for my pimples? Welp I did some research. Neutrogena came out with this Jason like plastic white mask that lights up with every girls favorite color; pink. […]

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Sev Laser Aesthetics

sev laser aesthetics

Sev Laser Aesthetics. Where all the celebs go! I don’t know about you but I constantly see Instagram posts from top celebs that are #ads for a business called Sev. Of latest, Kylie Jenner snapped herself at the Sev salon, and curiousity got the best of me! I decided to do some researching. What is […]

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Korean Paper Masks! Yes To & Celavi


I LOVE Yes To and Celavi Korean paper masks!!! Paper face masks are my new favorite skin care product of the moment! I received a few of the Yes To masks in a gift bag, and it only took one try before I was hooked. Face masks are always a nice way to not only […]

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