A Beauty to Watch: Cece Biggs

Cece Biggs

As I introduce this site to you all, I also wish to introduce to you as many inspiring young ladies as I can! Today I want you all to meet the beautiful Cynthia Biggs! I have personally followed her for quite a while now on Instagram (her crazy hair caught my eye and I had […]

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The Top 5 Essential Winter Products to Buy

By:@itybitybrit My first pick is a skincare product, because everyone knows how dry your skin can get as the weather gets colder. I received a sample of Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream from Sephora, and I will definitely be purchasing the full size product because it is fantastic. I’ve been applying it all […]

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Waist Training

By now we’ve all seen them. Whether it’s on Khloe Kardashian while she works out, or on your favorite Instagram model’s latest selfie, you’ve been introduced to everyone’s new workout obsession: the waist trainer. I know we’re all guilty, anything that claims to make us skinny no matter how ridiculous it sounds is a little […]

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Clarisonic Review

Everyone always asks me oh my god what is your skin care routine, your skins so clear blah blah blah. When I tell them they always seem to be dumbfounded, it’s like they expect that I have some crazy skin care routine and that is so not the case. You might even find it hard […]

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