I Bought My Soft Box Lights on Amazon and I Love Them! Limo Studio Soft Box Kit Review


Amazon’s Limo Studio 700W Soft Box Light Kit Review Lighting. It’s all about lighting. You want killer YouTube videos? Stunning Instagram photos? You NEED good lighting! So the question is, which route do you go? There’s inexpensive clamp lights, there are umbrella lights, the popular ring-light, and soft box lights. If you’re a newbie like I […]

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Clarisonic For Men, Yay or Nay?


  Yay! The perfect gift for ya man! If you’re a guy who wants better skin, you’ll enjoy discovering the benefits and features of the Clarisonic Men’s Alpha Fit Sonic Cleansing Device for Men. This exceptional system is highly-rated because it really works, just like the original Clarisonic system, which I personally swear by! I […]

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Eyebrow Tinting With Just For Men


It’s not just for men! Instagram brows are making there way out and natural brows are so in, but I’m having a hard time letting go. I decided to attempt to tint my brows in order to give them a fuller look, and emphasize my brow hair in order to give them more of that […]

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Now These Hennessy Bottles Are the Wave!


F*ck the ‘Headphanie’ bottles, these bottles are the actual wave: Does anyone else think that this bottle should be a collector’s item? Raise a hand. This bottle went viral on Twitter, and for a good reason. This shit is mad cool. The artist, Brianna Marie is a tattoo artist and painter from New Jersery. […]

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