Sev Laser Aesthetics

Sev Laser Aesthetics. Where all the celebs go! I don’t know about you but I constantly see Instagram posts from top celebs that are #ads for a business called Sev. Of latest, Kylie Jenner snapped herself at the Sev salon, and curiousity got the best of me! I decided to do some researching. What is […]

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Korean Paper Masks! Yes To & Celavi

I LOVE Yes To and Celavi Korean paper masks!!! Paper face masks are my new favorite skin care product of the moment! I received a few of the Yes To masks in a gift bag, and it only took one try before I was hooked. Face masks are always a nice way to not only […]

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Hallelujah! How To Turn Off Instagram Live Notifications!

The answer to the question you’re all asking: HOW DO YOU TURN OFF THESE FREAKING INSTAGRAM LIVE NOTIFICATIONS?! Instagram is definitely cancelled. The new update has brought us the second most annoying upgrade to Instagram ever: Instagram Live. Instagram Live, is literally Facebook Live except, obviously it’s on Instagram. Although it’s a bit redundant, it’s […]

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