How I Made Money One Time On Omegle


I sold my feet. A lot of people will do a lot of things in this world to make money. As we all know the sex industry is one of the highest earning industries of all time. Hence the motto; sex sells. The popularity and mainstream use of the internet completey changed the way sex […]

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Clarisonic VS. Pro Activ Cleansing Brush


Is the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush Better Than the Pro Activ Cleansing Brush? (…yes) Skin cleansing brushes are a must have in your skin routine these days! If you haven’t had the opportunity to test out one of these brushes you’ve never felt the potential level of cleanliness your face can achieve. There are a wide […]

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MiCellar Water VS. Traditional Makeup Wipes


MiCellar water has been all over the magazines and beauty blogs, and I bet you were wondering what the hell it is, and why it’s any different than using makeup removing wipes like you usually do. Same. MiCellar Water is a type of facial cleansing product which has been around for a century…Who knew??? It’s […]

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Kayla Itsines Fitness Star + BBG Review


Kayla Itsines is #inspo With over 5.6 million followers on Instagram this fitness obsessed star is taking over the internet ab post by ab post, with a few of her adorable puppies thrown in there for good measure. Kayla is a 24 year old fitness enthusiast and trainer from Australia who has become a major […]

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CLA Safflower Oil For Weight loss + Other Benefits


Will Safflower Pills Help You to Lose Weight? In a world obsessed with appearances society has become obsessed with slashing dress and pant sizes and most people are doing whatever it takes to shed those extra pounds. Thus an entire market has been created. Diet pills are a billion dollar industry, and while still extremely […]

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Sugar Bear Hair VS. Hairfinity


Are Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Better Than Hairfinity? These days, hair vitamins are more popular than ever before. Men and women both take them. However, they are probably more commonplace in the kitchens and medicine cabinets of women. Women do a lot to their hair – sometimes, a lot more than men do – and […]

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