The BEST Contouring Makeup Brushes

The best of the best contouring makeup brushes (or not): Contouring is all the rage. Thank you Kim K. So now that their are about 2 million videos floating around on YouTube teaching you how to do it, the next step would be procuring the right products and the right tools. You need an amazing […]

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Eylure Vegas Nay Lashes VS. Ardell Lashes

Eylure’s Vegas Nay lashes vs. Ardell lashes Ya’ll don’t even have to read on if you don’t want to because I am going to lay it out right here for you. If you are asking Eylure’s Vegas Nay lashes vs. Ardell lashes, the answer is Ardell all the way!!! The ease and convenience that come […]

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation Review! Estee Lauder is a prestigious makeup brand, so of course when I began hearing great reviews from people around the beauty world about their Double Wear foundation I decided I needed to give it a try. I mean, the company does promise worry free, long lasting, humidity fighting foundation. […]

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L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

L.A. Girl Cosmetics Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation Review! You think L.A. Girl Pro, you automatically think concealer! Right?! L.A. Girl is in my opinion very underrated! Their entire line is worth taking a look at not just their concealers. Though I will admit… their concealers are bomb! Social media influencer Wendy Le actually managed to […]

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All About the Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge

The Sigma 3DHD Blender has the streets talking! Daisy Marquez gave the 3DHD blender a shoutout on Twitter to inform us that this new and innovative beauty tool is a life changer! Hmmm… Sigma has not released their 3DHD blender yet but you can sign up on the Sigma website directly to be added to […]

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