Girl Finds Bugs in Her Kiss Lashes!!!!!!! EW

Lice reportedly found in KISS lashes pack by girl on Twitter! I repeat EW. Does anyone ever examine their lashes before they put them on? I don’t, why would you need to? But, after seeing these Twitter allegations against KISS lashes, I will most defintely be inspecting my lashes before I apply them from now […]

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Manny MUA’s Dad is Savage!

Manny MUA’s dad is making major headlines, for a great ass reason! Manny Gutierrez, known all over social media as Manny MUA or Manny Makeup is the first male spokes model for Maybelline! With that, comes great responsibility. Manny’s sponsorship comes on the heels of Cover Girls announcement of their first male spokes model; James […]

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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

What are Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, are they good you ask? Here’s my review. Any girl who regularly wears makeup feels the frustration of finding coverage in the perfect shade. Using the incorrect shade of makeup is one of the biggest makeup mistakes you can make, and usually the most popular mistake at that. […]

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Concealer Before or After Foundation

The ultimate question: Do you apply concealer before or after your foundation?!!?!? Some of you may think this is a pretty obvious question. However, if you are a beginner in the world of makeup, it is easily a valid question. A LOT of people use their concealer underneath their foundation, hell in high school I […]

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Benefit Erase Paste Review

Benefit Erase Paste Review: Are your dark circles soooooooo bad that you cannot find any product that will help cover them up? Hunnnnnnnnty. I have the answer to your prayers! It’s Benefit Erase Paste! You NEED Benefit’s Erase Paste concealer. Benefit was not playing any games with they came out with the formula for this […]

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