The World’s #1 Beauty Blogger: Huda Kattan

You may not instantly recognize the name Huda Kattan but I am willing to bet money that anyone in the beauty community has heard of “HudaBeauty”. Huda Kattan goes by HudaBeauty on social media, and is in fact the TOP beauty influencer on Instagram. Amrezy, the Queen of L.A. hasn’t even surpassed half of Huda’s […]

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Cruelty Free Drugstore and High End Foundations!

By: @Alyssa29ann Cruelty free drugstore and high end foundations for you! Let’s talk cruelty free foundation. Before we get started, I want to discuss what ‘cruelty free’ actually means- what’s the big deal anyway? As someone who leads a vegan lifestyle, cruelty free makeup and beauty products are particularly important to me. But even if […]

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Kylie Jenner’s “KyMajesty” Metallic Lipstick Review!

Kymajesty, Kylie Jenner’s latest relase in her never ending number of different lip colors, is a compelete fail in my book. I waited excitedly to try my new lipstick and found myself highly disappointed! Poor qualtiy was apparent. The lipstick was thin and watery, and barely had any coverage. The applicator was cheaply made, thin, […]

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Mario Badescu SkinCare Line Review

Skincare is one of the most important facets of self-care in the world today. Our skin can greatly affect the way we appear to others, millions of people spend thousands of dollars every year on products that promise to improve the condition of their skin. With an ever increasing demand for high-quality, effective creams, lotions, […]

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Amrezy & Karla J Release New Shades With Lip Land Cosmetics and Rincon Cosmetics!

Update! Our favs Amrezy and Karla J are updating their liquid lipstick collections. King Kylie is still ruling the running over the liquid lipstick game but these two beauty gurus/ entrepreneurs are trying to give her a run for her money. Karla previously released “Karlita”, “Belem”, and “Aquarius” and just followed them up with her […]

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Prism- The Rainbow Highlighter!

Anastasia Beverly Hills no longer runs the game in the highlight world. The top dog is an off brand, but currently holds claim to the most wanted highlighter on the market. Prism, the rainbow highlighter created by Bitter Lace Beauty went viral on Reddit, and well, that was history. Makeup lovers have been running ramped […]

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