Blooming Beauty Owner Follows Black Girl Around Mall Harrassing and Physically Restraining Her

Racial profiling at its finest… Twitter is on a rampage after several videos of a business owner harassing a young black girl are in the midst of going viral. A group of girls were browsing at Blooming Beauty Supply in the Stone Ridge Mall in Pleasanton, California, and allegedly returned a beauty blender, then proceeded […]

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Harambe Shaped Hot Cheeto

A hot cheeto, shaped like Harambe has gone viral on the internet and is being auctioned off for $100,000 dollars. No, I am not joshing you. Remember Harambe? The male gorilla who was unfairly shot and killed at a Cinncinati zoo due to the irresponsible actions of an unattentive mother went viral last year and […]

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Twitter Haters Fat Shame Girl and Get Her Modeling Job With Zendaya

Zendaya hires young girl who was fat shamed by thousands of Twitter users! Just another reason to love Zendaya. A tweet featuring two side by side photos of a young girl has received A LOT of attention from the internet and Zendaya swooped in to give this girl the last laugh. The side […]

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#SaltBae is Trending on Twitter

Has everyone seen #SaltBae? Twitter is apparently living for this sexy man… and his meat. Salt Bae is a Turkish man who apparently has made it big on the internet with over 1 million followers on Instagram… for his meat skills? Find Salt Bae on Instagram @nusr_et. As a vegetarian, I’m pretty grossed out, but […]

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