the-other-woman-amina-buddaflyAmina Buddafly is releasing her very own book, entitled: The Other Woman.

This book is about to bringing a whole new level to the world of side chicks.

Aminata Safietou is a Senegalese and German musician who goes by the stage name, Amina Buddafly. Amina Buddafly is best known for her love triangle relationship with the creep squad leader, rapper, Peter Gunz.

amina-and-peter-gunzFor those of you not in the know, Peter Gunz is a rapper who has been featured on several seasons of the show Love and Hip Hop. Peter has a handful of baby mothers, and more than a handful of children. While filming for his first season we were introduced to one of the mother’s of his children, and his currently girlfriend, Tara. Tara Wallace, at the time had 2 children with Peter, and they were in a relationship and living together as a family. As the season goes on we see Peter form a relationship with Amina, as he lies to her about where he stands with Tara and their boys. Eventually, Tara finds out about Peter’s infidelities. After a lot of back and forth we find out that even though Peter is still living with Tara, and they have been together for something like 10 years he is not only cheating on her with Amina, but Amina is actually… Amina Panky. Peter Gunz wife. You cannot make this stuff up.

tara-wallace-peter-gunzOver the next season we continue to see Peter and Tara and Amina go back and forth with one another. Amina becomes pregnant by Peter, and it seems the relationship between he and Tara is over. However we continue to see a confused Tara, a sneaky Peter, and an unhappy Amina. After the birth of Amina and Peter’s first child Cori it seems to look like things are going to begin looking up for the two. Peter moves Amina into the same building that Tara is living in, in order to be close to all of his children. Peter began coming home to Amina less and less and Amina realizes that she is pregnant for a second time. Amina decided that it was unfair to bring another child into the world under the circumstances so she ended up opting to have an abortion. Once again Peter tries to work it out with Amina, but things really come to a head when Tara realizes that she is yet again, pregnant with Peter’s child. Again, YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

Amina becomes hysterical when she realizes that she just aborted her baby, and Tara is planning on keeping hers. Again, we see a lot of back and forth. Fast forward to the reunion show of that particular season, we see Tara pretty far along in her pregnancy, and Amina came for her revenge. On stage, in front of the world, Amina once again stuns everyone with her itty bitty baby bump. SHE WAS PREGNANT AGAIN! And this time she decided she was going to keep it. Talk about an extreme game of tit for tat.

This absolutely, unbelievably insane relationship has led to Amina’s recent business endeavor, which is her new book “The Other Woman”. I don’t think their is anyone more qualified to write a book on the topic of being the other woman. Except for maybe Tara.

“The Other Woman” By Amina Panky will be officially released tomorrow, January 9th, 2017. She will also be kicking off her book tour on this date, with her first public event in NYC at the Brooklyn Commons from 4:30-6:30 P.M. On her book tour she will also be making stops in Miami, Dallas, L.A., Washington D.C., Atlanta, and New Orleans.

Purchase the tell all tale on Amazon here.

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