Anais Martinez is one of many new cast members appearing on this year’s season of Love and Hip Hop.

It seems to me Mona Scott Young is losing her pull in the reality television world, it appears she can’t get an entertainer of any worth to join her cast! With a cast made up of more new cast members than returning, keeping up with the dramatic, and completely staged story lines is getting pretty difficult. The only members of any true worth are of course Remy and Pap. I’m actually shocked that they continue to appear on the show, being that their careers are LEVELS above anyone else casted.

Anais is a 30 something year old Dominican singer, who launched her career after winning the second season of Objetivo Fama, which is presumably the Puerto Rican version of American Idol. After a successful career run in Latin America, Anais has apparently decided to taker her career in a new direction, and signed on to join the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York while simultaneously beginning to record her first English singles.

Anais is married to her husband Rubben Martinez and they have two children together. Wifey isn’t exactly a term I’d use to describe this woman though. Real or fake, Anais’ story line holds a major plot twist. She’s dating creep squad OG Richie D. If I were her husband I’d be PISSED.

Anais reminds me of a knock off version of the one and only Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez. Her attitude is wild, and way beyond the definition of “over the top”, she appears to have absolutely no class, or boundaries, and anything with a penis looks like it’s fair game to this chick. Though she certainly has more musical, and talent oriented accomplishments than miss Joseline. I guess that’s one positive thing to be said of Anais Martinez. Too bad she hasn’t showcased one bit of her talent on the show.

I pray that she won’t make it past this season. On that note can we also send Sophia Body, James R, Bianca, and a few more packing??? I’m hoping for a Love and Hip Hop OG cast reunion. The newbies have to go.

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