bernice-burgossBernice Burgos and friend turned to Snap Chat the other night to voice some thoughts, and boy did she say it perfectly “Every woman wants a man that has something. Nobody want a man that’s broke. You can’t be thinking that just because you have a fat ass and a pretty face that a [man] is gonna stay. A [man] is not gonna stay, he’s gonna be on to the next pretty face and fat ass. The same way no man wants a girl that’s doing nothing either. They want the same thing we want, they’re gonna say what are you doing for yourself?” Yes boo. Yes. Who knows what Bernice could’ve been so fired up about that night but home girl was spitting some truths.

If ya’ll don’t know Bernice she got a fat ass, I’m talking about a fatty, and a beautiful face. But Bernice, what else do you have to offer? From the looks of it, she’s got a lot. A huge misconception on social media in my opinion is that a woman who has a lot of followers, posts provocative photos, is considered “hot”, etc. will be considered to be just a pretty face. She’s good for a f*** but nothing else. Well ladies, it is time that we break that stereotype. A woman can be sexy, and pretty, and have fun while still being intelligent, hardworking and successful. Whether Bernice meant to or not she made my point.

drake-bernice-burgosBernice Burgos is a 36 year old (yes, 36, just yes) Instagram model, bartender, video vixen and business owner. Bernice is a Puerto Rican goddess born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Spanish Harlem. Starting off her career, Bernice was a local bartender, and ventured into the world of “Urban” modeling as so many bartender’s often do. The difference between Bernice and others is, she made it. Shortly after entering the world of modeling Bernice landed spreads in several big name magazines including XXL. Afterward,s Burgos’ big break came when she landed a role in the Notorious B.I.G.’s biopic, “Notorious”. After her role in bernice-burgos-and-dj-khaled“Notorious” Bernice began making regular appearances as a leading lady in music videos shot for major artists such as J.Cole, Drake, and Rick Ross, etc. These encounters led to more and more modeling gigs including shoots with The Source, Black Men Magazine, Hot New Hip Hop and more. Another career advancing opportunity came Bernice’s way when she was cast for the MTV series Wild’n out with best friend Graciii3. Wild’n out is an original MTV comedy series, hosted by Nick Cannon. With the help of social media, her budding career continued to flourish, so much in fact she caught the attention of YCMB rapper, Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Bernice and Drake had been acquainted for years, several appearances in his music videos had even earned Bernice a name drop in his song “Odio”. In 2015 the two were spotted in Australia looking a little too friendly. With the help of the internet rumors spread like wild fire, crushing the dreams of AubRih lovers everywhere. After her rendezvous with Drake in Australia, Bernice gained more attention on social media and in the blogs, helping her already flourishing career.

bernice-burgos-bold-and-beautifulIn 2015 Bernice and her eldest daughter Ashley launched their very own line. Bernice explains on the that she felt there was a gap in the fashion world that needed to be filled. She felt sleepwear lines did not cater to full figured, and shapely women and so Bold and Beautiful was born. Her sleepwear line is practical, comfortable, and sexy.

Bernice has proven to the world that although we’ve often seen her goodies sprawled out on Instagram, or in the pages of various magazines she is still a great mother, a successful career woman and entrepreneur. Whether she realizes it or not she is helping forge a path for all women out there who want to be sexy but also seen for more than just their looks.

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