Have you seen Blac Chyna’s nudes yet?

These are the nudes of Blac Chyna that Rob Kardashian deleted from his Instagram page!!!

Rob Kardashian is turnt all the way up after what appeared to be a crazy 4th of July for the couple. Rob blasted Chyna on Instagram this morning… and is still going strong as we speak. Not only did he post these nude shots of his fiance, but he exposed her infidelities, and he gave us the receipts to prove it!

Apparently, Chyna has been pretty damn busy in the bedroom and it hasn’t been with Rob. Rob also posted photos and videos of Chyna in bed with another man after apparently engaging in sexual intercourse, in the bed she shares with Rob, in the home that Rob is claiming he pays for. Wow.

Rob also called Chyna out of her name for being a drug addict, and an alcoholic, claiming she will not be allowed to see baby Dream until she gets off of the ecstasy, cocaine, and all of the other drugs he says she is on. Supposedly Chyna spent her 4th of July turnt all the way up, with a god damn pantry full of drugs and 100 bottles of Moet Rose which Rob says he also paid for.

Oh and how did Chyna get so snatched after she had baby Dream??? Rob let world know that on their anniversary he apparently paid 100K for Chyna to have surgery done to get her snap back game on fleek. A video posted to his Instagram account of Chyna all sorts of sky high from the anesthesia as she’s being wheeled into the operating room, confirms that she did have some type of surgery on their anniversary as Rob says she did. She says right in the video “happy anniversary!” as she’s leaving.

Rob Kardashian has officially broken the internet today with Blac Chyna’s nudes, and is now claiming he will be dropping his own Lemonade album when this is all said and done…

In response to her nudes being leaked and the accusations against her Chyna turned to Snap Chat to blast Rob and claim that he has been physically abusive towards her and she will no longer keep it a secret just because he is a “Kardashian”


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