Whaaaaaaaaat. On today’s Call Her Daddy podcast Alex and Sofia claim that a mutual friend has confirmed that Beverly Hills Housewife/ Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump is BEING CHEATED ON.

If you don’t already know it we here at Brittwd we are die-hard daddy gang listeners, and on Call Her Daddy the girls are always spilling some serious freaking tea. Today’s episode, “Drunk Sex: Black out Edition” features a lot of topics, one being Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd. Lisa Vanderpump is a Beverly Hills Housewife and star of Vanderpump Rules, a reality show surrounding her team of employees at her infamous restaurant SUR. Todd is a former English athlete.

Today the girls start off reading a comment sent in by a daddy gang listener in regards to a husband of a Real Housewives of Dallas star, which then leads into the juicy gossip. Sofia goes on to ask Alex if they can spill some tea. They move on to say that a friend has confirmed that Ken Todd, husband of Lisa Vanderpump is not only cheating on Lisa but is a real-life SUGAR DADDY. According to the girls Ken has multiple young women he is in extra-marital relationships with where he is also financially supporting them. Apparently, apartments have been rented from L.A. to New York *insert gasp here*.

Lisa and Ken Todd are married (have been for 36 yrs) and reside in California at Villa Rosa. They own multiple restaurants together and have two children. Just about a month and a half ago BRAVOTV released an article on both Ken and Lisa and their seemingly happy relationship. Lisa stating that Ken is a loving and supportive husband. Meanwhile, while the interview was being given Ken was in the corner… sleeping? Okay…

You can find the podcast here, and skip to 46:14 to get the details. BUT we do highly recommend listening to the whole podcast because it’s so worth it.


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