Rap’s latest power couple, Cardi B and Offset have apparently broken up again.

I thought we’d all graduated from high school but… guess not. Both Cardi and Offset have taken to their social media pages to break the news of their separation. Cardi posted a video to her Instagram Live, with the caption “sIngle”, and she ain’t look to mad about it. Offset proceeded to throw his deuces up via emoji, on a later deleted story.


Could this have to do with Cardi’s ex boo thang, Tommy’s recent release from prison? Last season on Love and Hip Hop NY Cardi was very open about her break up with her long time boyfriend Tommy, who at that time had been incarcerated for several years. News of Tommy’s release broke on social media earlier this week, and many had speculated that his presence would cause a rift between the rap couple.

If not the latter, maybe Offset’s selfies with an African social lite that surfaced online last night have something to do with it. A woman who goes by the name “Queen Twerk” on social media posted photos beside Offset last night after he performed with the rest of the Migo’s crew in South Africa for their “culture” tour.


Some even think that the entire relationship between the two was actually a publicity stunt. Twitter users are theororizing that now that Cardi’s “real” boyfriend is back on the streets, she has publically broken up with Offset to create more buzz as she comes off her high from Bodak Yellow topping the charts. Real or fake will we ever know?

Either way these two have caused quite a stir on social media, and now we wil all sit and patiently wait for what we can only assume will be an explosive debut by Cardi’s ex ting on the public scene.



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