Carli BybelCarli Bybel has launched her own line: Pranava Beauty!

As if we all didn’t love Carli Bybel enough already, Carli has now come out with her own vegan and cruelty free brand, Pranava Beauty. Her first product launch is actually quite spectacular.

Carli will be launching her company with the release of limited edition bracelets hand designed by the queen herself! In her launch video while introducing her new products Carli is literally beaming with pride! You can see how excited, how proud, and how genuinely into these braclets, and their message Carli is. Watching this video and seeing the pure passion that Carli has for her new company, and her goals is truly inspirational.

The bracelets that will be on sale are stunning, and each one comes with a beautiful crystal incorporated into its design. Hope, Energy, Balance, and Serenity are the four bracelets that are going to be available through Pranava. Each bracelet carries their own spirtual meaning, which is quoted inside the packaging you will receive your bracelet in. Carli thoroughly explains each bracelet, and each stones meaning in her reveal video.

The BEST part about this entire reveal is that the proceeds from these gorgeous bracelets will be given to a charity of Carli and Brett’s choice! Carli has partnered with the WAH foundation in order to create a scholarship program from young women in Cambodia. Carli’s goal is to raise $100,000 for this charity, in order to finance tuition for 120 girls to attend a four year college.

“Carli Bybel has been named Global Ambassador for the WAH Foundation. Carli is an influencer that needs almost no introduction. With her YouTube channels and social media, Carli is one of the most famous beauty and fashion stars online, reaching millions of fans and followers across the globe. Carli will use her voice to encourage girls across Cambodia to fulfill their dream of receiving an advanced education. From the proceeds of her custom-designed charity bracelets we will provide 120 girls a scholarship that will include tuition, books, housing and meals for four years at the Bright Hope Institute”.

​Again, as if we didn’t already love Carli enough, this right here gives us a million more reasons to love her. This project speaks volumes to her character, and one would assume that most would be in agreeance that in a world where often times young women are made famous for less than honorable reasons and or actions, Carli is a shining star, who rightfully deserves her spot in the spotlight. 

Congratulations Carli!

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