cisco-rosadoLookie, lookie here. I guess the creep squad has finally had enough of Cisco Rosado!

Cisco Rosado has returned to the cast of Love and Hip Hop, and he has made quite a splash. Last season we saw Cisco dating Miss Mo Money (god only knows why), whilst wooing new kid on the block Mariah Lynn. After a lot of chaos, the season ended with Cisco admitting that the only reason he went after Mariah was to get even with Richie D for going after his ex, Diamond Strawberry. Good lord I couldn’t type that without laughing.

This season Cisco has returned with the intentions of making some amends. Cisco apparently spent some time in Atlanta getting his family situation straightened out with his children’s mother, and on and off girlfriend. He’s now back in New York, and he’s causing some trouble.

Making amends apparently meant making an apology to Mariah Lynn over what happened last year. This rubbed Richie D the wrong way, though that isn’t too surprising. Shit really went left when Cisco’s apology somehow turned into a business partnership. Cisco offered Mariah a management opportunity with his new company, rightfully so Mariah said she would give it some thought, but did not reveal to Cisco that she was in the middle of dealing with her contracts with DJ Self. When Cisco told Rich about the possible business relationship, Rich reminded Cisco of the bro code. Cisco, Rich, and DJ Self are self proclaimed creeps, and are members of the infamous Peter Gunz, creep squad. After this discussion with Cisco, Rich being the bro, informed DJ Self of Cisco’s intentions to work with Mariah Lynn. Needless to say, Self was NOT happy. After Self has Cisco locked out of the Power 105.1 station, shit goes down at one of Mariah Lynn’s performances. Self and Cisco confront one another, and to my surprise, Mariah Lynn defends Self! As she should have though, I mean, let’s be real here. Self put her on the map, and at the end of the day her loyalty should still lye with him.

The hilarious part of this entire ridiculous scenario is that these clowns are not only fighting over Mariah Lynn, they’re fighting over their creep squad status. Is this real life? Ya’ll should not be bragging about being creep squad members!!! Not to mention, Cisco tried to call himself the OG creep squad leader… oh no he didn’t *snap snap*. We all know that Peter Gunz is the OG creep. Peter is the epitome of the creep squad.

In the previews for next weeks episode it looks like Peter is feeling a little disrespected by Cisco, and it appears that the creep squad is voting Cisco out. Woah. Cisco needs to watch out before he blows the ONLY story line he’s got going for himself this season, especially since it’s already holding on by a bare thread.

If not for the creep squad, and some unfinished business with Mariah Lynn Cisco Rosado wouldn’t have a story line this season. Hell, he’s barely had a story line any season. Cisco never was all that relevant, but he REALLY hasn’t been relevant since he was dating miss Diamond Strawberry. She brought a certain level of… crazy to the show that made it so hard to change the channel.

I am sick of VH1 putting these people on these shows and they are literally so boring. Please, please can someone point out what the hell Cisco Rosado brings to the show? Because I am just not seeing it. Not only is his story line dangerously weak, he’s just so boring. He is not made for TV. Where’s Peter? Can we bring Peter, Tara, and Amina back? Where’s Erica Mena? Can we bring back her vein for gods sake? Cisco needs to exit stage left, take DJ Drewski, and Young B with him, and go join BBOD, Saigon, Somaya Reese, Chrissy Monroe, and all the other whack ass ghosts of Love and Hip Hop’s past.

2 Comments on Cisco Rosado Is Out Of The Creep Squad

  1. King Ambiguous
    January 3, 2017 at 6:19 am (1 year ago)

    I fully agree with everything you have said. Cisco truly is irrelevant and always has been every since Cyn Santana and him working together went nowhere. He hasn’t released any new tracks or beats neither does he have an risque pics on the internet like Peter, Rich or Joe Budden just to name a few. Cisco needs to give us something!

    • Britt
      January 9, 2017 at 6:47 pm (1 year ago)

      Right! No time for boring ass people on TV! I’m so sad that Cardi is going to be leaving. She makes the show ever since Erica Mena left I feel.

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