Looks like Drake finally bagged himself a spanish ting; the queen herself, Jennifer Lopez.

Rumors have been swirling for quite awhile about a Drake and JLo romance, but I just couldn’t picture it. Now I can.


No caption?!?!?!! I think they’re trying to kill us. Drake uploaded the above photo to Instagram last night with no caption. Could this be the couples way of confirming their new relationship? IS DRA-LO AN ACTUAL THING?! We NEED to know.

Neither have apparently addressed the photo or the rumors, but I guess we can all safely say that the two are definitely involved. Drake’s ex girlfriend and the princess of pop Rihanna sort of confirmed their involvement herself, by unfollowing both of them on Instagram. Can you blame her??? Relationships are hard enough, let alone the stress of having your ex break the internet with his new boo on top of it.

Jennifer Lopez is 47 years old, Drake is 30. Jenny from the block is a whole teenager older than the 6 God rapper. SHE COULD BE HIS MOTHER! This is weird. This is just too weird for me. She’s hot and all, like I get it, but this is more than a few years apart, this is almost two decades apart.

Here are some of the best tweets from DRA-LO fans:


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