Meet Hassan Jameel:

Did Rihanna dump her light skin 6 God, for a hot Saudi? Looks like it!

Hassan Jameel is a Saudi Arabian heir, who happens to be rich af. Good going Riri! Jameel and Fenty were spotted vacationing in Spain together, and once those steamy paparazzi pics were released it was only a matter of hours before the Rihanna Navy dug up the identity of her secret lover.

Hassan’s family owns Abdul Latif Jameel Co., which is supposedly the organization that owns the rights to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia, amongst several other Middle Eastern countries. Currently the head of Abdul Latif Jameel Co. is Mohammed Jameel, while Hassan’s official title is deputy president and vice president of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic. Someday Hassan will inherit the entire company. In 2016 Hassan Jameel’s family were featured on Forbe’s list of the worlds richest Arabs, coming in at number 12. Their networth is speculated to be around 1.5 billion dollars… Oh and don’t let me forget to mention his family owns an entire soccer team. You know, just normal stuff. If the pair were to get married, once Hassan inherited the family business, the couple would be worth more than Jay-Z and Beyonce, who recently just exceeded a networth of 1 billion.

Just like our favorite songstress, Hassan is also 29 year’s old. Both Rihanna and Hassan are very involved with not only making money, but giving money. Both are very vested in their charity work.

The sexy couple has reportedly been seeing each other for months, but have kept the relationship extremely low key. Insider’s close the couple are even reporting that Rihanna thinks that Hassan could very much so be “the one”. This Ibiza vacation is not the first time the two have gotten “wild, wild, wild” together, apparently Rihanna has been flying in and out of the UK frequently to spend time with Hassan, and they have spent time in the Maldives, and even Japan together.

Social media has been on fire since yesterday, and even created the specific hashtag #RihannaHasAManParty in order to share their thoughts and feelings on Riri’s new man. The tweets actually had me rofl.

Not only does Ri’s new relationship possibly explain her recent weight gain (which may I point out she still looks better than all of you hatin’ heffers out there) but this secret relationship may also explain why she unfollowed Naomi Campbell on Instagram. A few months back the Bajan beauty unfollowed Naomi on Instagram, and rumors flew, then Andy Cohen and Ru Paul asked Naomi for the juicy deets on Watch What Happens Live, and Naomi hinted that their may be a little bit of friction between the two. Apparently the friction was Hassan. Hassan and Naomi had a little fling, and were spotted together last year.

During their vacation in Ibiza the couple was hot and heavy, clearly… not much was left to the imagination in the steamy photos shopped around by the paps. It’s interesting that not only was the PDA real, but it seems that they were both drinking and smoking what appeared to be a joint, and of course Rihanna had her hair visible while out in public with Hassan. In muslim culture these things are very much inappropriate and often intolerable. Hassan appears to be very much modern when he is not at work in Saudi Arabia, leaving me to wonder if his family is modern as well, and if they would accept miss Fenty as a potential daughter in-law.

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