How many children does Peter Gunz actually have?

OG Creep Squad leader, Peter Panky Gunz previously fathered 8 children… that we know of. However 2016 brought 2 more bundles of joy into family. Bringing the total to 10 children fathered by Peter.

We have met several of Peter’s children over the years on Love and Hip Hop, including his two boys with Tara, his daughter with Amina, and one of his elder daughters. Yet, there are quite a few more that we have not met. Let’s go down the updated list of all 10 of Peter’s children.

Peter Cory Panky Jr.: peter-gunz-daughter-whitney

Peter Cory Panky Jr. is more so known as simply; Cory Gunz. Cory Gunz followed in his father footsteps, and entered the music game as a rapper. At 29 years old the rapper is signed to Lil Wayne’s label Young Money Entertainment/ Cash Money records.

Whitney: peter-gunz-daughter-whitney

We met Whitney on Love and Hip Hop when she sat down to talk to Amina about the situation between Amina, Peter and Tara. Whitney is an adult, presumed to be 24 years old, and has a daughter of her own! Who knew Mr. Gunz was a grandfather?! Whitney seems extremely level headed when it comes to her father and the sitution at hand between these two women. She stands by her dad as a father, but is the first to point out that he has a problem when it comes to women.

Brandon Prince Panky: peter-gunz-son-brandon

Brandon is presumed to be around 15 or 16 years old.

Kennedi: peter-gunz-daughter-kennedi

Kennedi is also presumed to be about 15 or 16 years old, and it appears that it is very possible that Peter had both children around the same time since they are rumored to be so close in age with one another.

Phoenix: peter-gunz-daughter-phoenix

Phoenix is about 10 years old and appears to have a relationship with her older sis Kennedi since both girls reside in New Orleans.

Jamison: peter-gunz-son-jamison

Jamison is Tara’s oldest son, and he is almost 9 years old. We have seen him several times through out Love and Hip hop.

Kaz: peter-gunz-son-kaz

Kaz is Tara’s second child with peter and he is about 5 years old. Kaz was the youngest of Peter’s clan until he married Amina.

Cori: peter-gunz-daughter-cori

Baby Cori is Peter’s first child with Amina, who is now about 2 years old.


How cute is the name Gunner! Like Peter Gunz, ya know. Cute. Gunner was born on February 13th, 2016. Joining his brothers Jamison and Kaz.



Amina’s baby girl Bronx was born on August 9th, of 2016 making her the 10th, and final Gunz child… for now.

No shade, Peter appears to be a great dad, and appears to be as involved in his children’s lives as one possibly could be when you have ten children going in a million different directions, and dealing with multiple baby mothers. But for god’s sake I think at 48 years old it’s time for him to invest in a quick snip, snip. This man got some bionic sperm or something.

img_4146P.S. Peter Gunz is an OG for getting all his baby mothers posing in a picture together I swear! It’s truly amazing how strong and reslilient women can be, especially when it comes to the benfit of their children. Only women could set their pride and emotions aside for the kids! You know that a woman with multiple baby fathers is not going to get all of them posing together for a family picture. This is why women are winning! They are mentally stronger.

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