Jeffree Star and Kim Kardashian selfied together?!

Skirt, skirt, hold up…

Did Kim selfie with sister Kylies frenemy Jeffree Star? Yes she did. But why? As the entire world probably knows by now Kim Kardashian has officially launched her latest venture; KKW Beauty. It’s kinda weird since sister Kylie has made a huge name for herself in the cosmetics industry, and is doing so well with her own brand Kylie Cosmetics. So the launch of KKW Beauty that in of itself is a bit strange, I mean, wasn’t Kim the sister who was salty just awhile back after Kylie signed her deal with Puma, and competed with brother in law Kanye? Mhm… So why is Kim competing with Kylie now? Not to mention why is she going as far as to invite Kylie’s not so nice lip kit reviewer into her home?

Kim Kardashian West held a KKW Beauty launch party at her own home just last week and invited not only her celebrity friends, but of course the celebrities of the makeup world! Obviously in attendance were, personal makeup artists and long time friends of Kim’s, Mario Dedivanovic (MakeupbyMario) and Hrush Achemyan, along with makeup queen Amra Olevic (Amrezy), the ABH legend Norvina Claudia, beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina, and last, but absolutely not least… the fuck boy himself… Jeffree Star!

If you aren’t familiar with the controversy surrounding Jeffree Star himself, then honey you better do your research. Jeffree Star has been caught being hands down racist on multiple occasions. Yet, he somehow seems to continue to build a thriving cosmetics empire, and fan base. Which is utterly mind blowing might I add. That being said, how can a woman who is the mother of a young black girl associate her self and her brand with someone who was once caught on camera saying he would throw battery acid on a black woman to make her skin tone whiter… As if that’s not problematic and disturbing enough, uhm, isn’t there this thing called family loyalty that the Kardashians are supposedly all for? Jeffree and Kylie had major beef after he attacked Kylie and her cosmetics brand on Twitter when Kylie first launched her infamous lip kits. Jeffree gave the lip kits horrible reviews, and continued to bash Kylie as a person and business owner. So of all the hundreds of thousands of beauty influencers in the industry, why would she invite this racist, mysoginistic ass hole?

Kim will still make hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars off of the launch of KKW Beauty, and Jeffree Star will still make his money from Jeffree Star cosmetics, and collect those Adsense checks from YouTube. However, if not for nothing, Kim has dropped levels in many of her fans eyes now that she has associated herself with Jeffree, and as far as Jeffree goes, he can post as many “apology” videos as he wants, he’s still a complete scumbag.



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