Kairo Whitfield is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

Kairo Whitfield is the son of reality television star, Sheree Whitfield, and her former husband and ex NFL player Bob Whitfield. Sheree is a socialite, fashion designer, and reality T.V. star, yet unless the world is talking about her debts in regards to “Chateau Sheree”, it looks like her children are making more of a splash in the spotlight these days than their momma bear.

Kairo Whitfield has appeared here and there on The Real Housewives of Atlanta since the show premiered. Sheree has been extremely open on camera about her situation as a single mom, and her struggle raising the two children she shares with Bob. If we rewind a few seasons back, we see Kairo as a young, shy, boy. Yet, Kairo popped up this past season looking like a full grown man! And a fine ass grown man at that.

Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, was full of noteworthy moments, but honey when Kairo stepped out on that runway, I about fell off my couch. He is such a good looking young man! You can certainly see both Sheree, and Bob in him. During the season we see Sheree reach out to Cynthia in order to get Kairo’s foot in the door in the modeling industry, and with or without Cynthia’s help I think Kairo will do just fine!

Between his strut down the runway for Cynthia’s fashion show, and then the shirtless photo shoot momager Sheree had him at I think Kairo won over not only Cynthia’s teenage daughter Noelle, but all of the female viewers, …oh and of course, Kenya. Sheree’s son is not just a piece of eye candy though! The Morehouse student apparently dabbles in the world of not only fashion, but business. Sheree recently just popped up on Instagram promoting Kairo’s new business page for his new fashion line! Kairo’s new line is called The World is Yours Apparel, and is available for purchase on his website, KairoWhitfield.net. Find Kairo on Instagram @Kairo.Whitfield, and find The World is Yours Apparel at @TheWorldIsYoursApparel.

Businessman, athlete, model, and college student? Is Kairo too good to be true? We saw a little bit of Kairo’s bad boy side this past season after both Sheree and Bob confronted him after they received a phone call from their teenage son… in jail. Kairo was apparently arrested after he was pulled over, and found to be under the influence of marijuana. Kairo explained the situation to his parents, and appeared to be extremely remorseful for his actions. Teenagers do stupid shit, and most have done far worse than smoking a little weed. Not to mention most adults are smoking weed just as much as the kids, so really, who is anyone to talk?

At 20 years old Kairo has done well for himself, between his education, his business, and attention on social media, I’d predict he’s got a great recipe for success going. So ladies… I’d get in line! Although, if Porscha throws that baby-nup Kairo’s way ya’ll might be shit out of luck.

As it appears, it looks like Sheree has raised a fine, respectful, young man, loving son, and brother. When Kairo Whitfield blows up don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this young king!


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