kim-kardashian-lip-ringKim has miraculously returned to social media, and she did it with a lip ring.

Kim Kardashian took a major social media hiatous after she was robbed in Paris in October. After going ghost on all social media outlets she has recently resurfaced with some beautiful family photos.

After uploading intimate family moments with her children on Instagram and Facebook, Kim has also made her way back to to Snap Chat. Numerous snaps with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have confirmed that Keeks is sporting a brand new accesory; a lip ring.

img_4102Now we can all safely assume that Kim Kardashian did not go poking a whole in her lip, (remember the whole you wouldn’t put a sticker on a bentley comment?) she is more than likely wearing a faux ring. I am very surprised to see Kim sporting something so edgey, this is a look I would imagine we’d see on Kylie or Khloe instead. Lip rings are by no means a new trend, it is however not something you seen on a lot of 36 year old moms. Thought, once again, Kim proves she can conquer any style.

Kardashian-West’s diamond faux lip ring apparently was purchased from Establish Jewelry for a whopping $735. That’s my rent. Just saying. Get Kim’s look for the price of Whopper meal here. You’re welcome.

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