Kim Kardashian’s Butt is Fake, and Young Girls Need to Know!

Kim Kardashians butt has always been a thing, what would Kim be without it? Would her celeb status be where it is today? Would the Kardashian sisters still be worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Would brazilian butt lifts be as popular??? I don’t know, but what I do know is that photo’s of Kim Kardashians butt have gone viral (shocking) after the paps spotted her vacationing alongside her big sister Kourtney, friends Larsa Pippen, Steph Shep and more, and it has once again sparked heated debate.

Now you’re more than likely thinking, who cares about Kim’s butt, it’s always been huge. What’s so interesting about it now? Well you see, Kim has been obsessed with working out, and of course her Atkins 40 diet since giving birth to North’s younger brother Saint. Kim appears to be skinnier than ever, as far as I can tell, she even bragged that she lost some extra pounds after having the flu for a few days. So you can imagine the world’s surprise when Kim stripped down in Mexico to celebrate Kourt’s birthday and her ass was bigger than ever, and completely disproportional to the rest of her body. The disproportion alone is enough to make anyone short of a few brain cells realize that Kim Kardashian’s booty is far from real.

For years the public has been debating the state of Kim’s ass. Real or fake? Real meaning, of course au natural, and fake meaning, butt implants. What most people don’t understand is that just because she doesn’t have butt implants it doesn’t necessarily make it real! Kim debunked the ass implant theory years ago on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when she had her butt X-rayed on camera. The X-ray came back negative, proving to the world that what the reality star has been saying all along is true; she doesn’t have butt implants. Yet we’ve all still wondered, how can it be THAT big? More specifically, how can it be that big, and so disproportional to the rest of her body??? Unless you just happen to be knowledgable on the in’s and out’s of body modification, or maybe you live in a place like L.A. or Miami where fake asses are the norm, and the latest and greatest in plastic surgery is available to you, you probably didn’t even realize that their are other ways to enlarge the booty without the use of silicone implants.

One of those ways being the super popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure (I’ve even had it done!). The BBL as it is called, is a super popular procedure done in order to enlarge the butt area, sometimes also called a fat transfer, or body contouring procedure. The basic process of this procedure starts with having liposcution done on the areas of the body where you have excess fat. Once the fat is removed, it is then transferred to the desired area, in this case the desired area being the butt. The fat is injected into the butt in specific areas in order to achieve the patients desired shape. This procedure is like having a two for one. Remove the fat you don’t like and put it where you want it!

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Another way to enlarge your ass is a bit less common, and somewhat newer from what I know, but is available in high end plastic surgeons offices, or some medi spas. This method is pretty much the same as getting botox, or lip injections. A substance has been created specifically for filling in the butt area. Alternate fillers, such as Juvederm are used for injecting the face, mostly the lips, but they are not safe to use in other parts of the body. This new filler, is deemed safe, and is now used to make your butt bigger, and lasts for only a few months at a time, just like lip or cheek fillers! It’s non-invasive, not permanent, and probably more practical for most people than a BBL.

Lastly, yet another way to enlarge your backside is the old school “butt shots”. These “butt shots” are not like the injections described above, they are highly illegal, completely unsafe, and possibly deathly. These shots are done in skeezy motel rooms, people’s basements and so on. They are supposed to be silicone shots that are being injected into you (which isn’t safe either) but instead often times these shots are made up of a weird concoction of shit, typically including cement. Yes, cement. Generally, the people going this route are those who cannot afford a BBL procedure, and are desperate to enlarge their bum. You’ll find that the strip club culture is a main source of customers for these butt shot “doctors”. Dancers are usually desperate for a bigger ass because it means more income for them. Cardi B, a former dancer is a prime example, though thus far her health has not been affected by her butt shots. However, many have suffered from life altering side effects from these shots, and a handful have lost their lives from it.

All of that being said, how does this relate to Kim? Well, in my opinion, it is more than highly likely that Kim has had several fat transfers in order to enlarge her butt. It’s clear from the size of her behind in comparison to her legs and the rest of her body that it is not natural. Kim fanatics will more than likely say, “It’s because she works out so much!!!!”, wrong. I don’t care who you are, or how much money you have you cannot defy scientific facts. When you workout and lose weight or if you gain weight, you cannot pick and choose where you lose or gain it. Your body preposesses fat cells, and when you gain or lose weight, those fat cells wherever they may be distributed, will get larger or they will shrink. This is biological, no one can control where their body distributes their fat cells, unless of course they have a fat transfer. This is why some people (like me) carry most their excess weight in their abdominal area, or in their hips, or wherever else. It’s just nature dude. So give that a moment to sink in, and let’s think about Kim’s body. Have you seen her arms, legs, and stomach? Their isn’t an ounce of fat on her! This is the skinniest I’ve ever seen her, yet her ass is bigger than ever, and clearly it’s not muscle, it’s fat! If you refuse to belive that, look at the cellulite she has. Now, I am by no means knocking cellulite or anyone that has it, girl I got it too don’t you worry, but what I am pointing out is that, cellulite is pockets of fat, and if that ass was muscle there wouldn’t be much, if any cellulite. The only way Kim could maintain a backside that large, while working out the way she does is if she has had a fat transfer, and by the looks of it, it seems to me that she’s had to have had multiple fat transfers in order to achieve the butt she’s rocking right now.

That being said, I highly doubt, Kim ever had back door ass shots, she has plenty of money and has the best plastic surgeons available to her, it wouldn’t be necessary for her to go that route. We’ve already crossed butt implants off of our list, and the new school injectables have recently surfaced, even if she was the first to get her hands on them, it would’ve been waaay after the size of her ass became colossal. Though, I do believe that sister Kylie got her bigger backside from fillers, and the hands of her doctor, Simon Ourian, since her body fat percentage is way too low to allow for her to have a fat transfer done.

Some butt comparisions:

Why does this matter? To most people it doesn’t, but it should. Celebrities like Kim, and sister Kylie are setting beauty standards too high for the average person, and slowly killing the self-esteems of young women and girls while they’re at it. Don’t get me wrong, they, as well as anyone else are fully entitled to do with their bodies what they please! Obviously I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery or body modification. If you can afford it, and you want it, go right ahead! BUT DON’T LIE. Lying about these procedures, for whatever reason is doing nothing but delivering life changing, and negative blows to young and impressionable girls around the world. Young girls are now consistently seeing photos  of women on social media, women on television, and plastered all over magazines that have modified bodies, making it appear as if their shapes or sizes are “normal”. As if it wasn’t bad enough when the world was busy worshipping Victoria’s Secret models, whose body fat percentages are dangerously unhealthy, and workout habits border on psychotic, at the very least their bodies were the result of insane diets, and OCD work out habits. Now, that a Kim-like body is in, it’s gotten even worse! We’re worshipping women whose bodies can’t be achieved by any diet or amount of exercise no matter how extreme! The only way majority of women will ever achieve the body image that is shoved in their faces these days is through surgery or cosmetic procedures. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they realized that.

Young women and girls are striving to fit these standards that are set by celebrities or Instagram models, without knowing that the person they’re looking at didn’t get that body naturally, they got it from surgery or, a cosmetic procedure, or they’re wearing 10 pairs of spanks under that tight dress, on top of the fact that they have personal trainers available to them around the clock, and personal chefs hanging out in their kitchens waiting to prepare their perfect meals. Kim Kardashian has become such an icon, and her body has become iconic as well, but it needs to be known that her body isn’t a work of natural art. Young women must know that her appearance isn’t realistic unless you are willing to have surgery, and that it’s okay if you don’t look like that, because you’re not supposed to! She’s not even supposed to!

Young girls need to know that at the age of 17 they aren’t supposed to look like Kylie Jenner! Kylie’s glow up wasn’t a result of making it through puberty, it was the work of age mixed with money, and a lot of procedures. I think Kylie looks great, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t realize that she underwent a major, and unrealistic transformation. You don’t get curves in all the right places, your breasts don’t become 2 sizes bigger, your ass doesn’t grow, all while maintaining a 24 inch waist just because you’re done going through puberty. Again, Kylie looks great, but a lot of work went into getting her to where she is today. People NEED to realize this! And celebrities NEED to admit to the work that they have had done in order to help young women maintain a healthy self esteem, and know the difference between what is realistic and normal vs. what is man made and unnatural.

Bottom line is, Kim’s ass is not real, and as a society we need to make it VERY clear to young girls that they do not need to strive to look like her, and if they do they are setting themselves up for failure. If there comes a time when they are old enough, and they wish to alter their bodies that is a personal decision and their is nothing wrong with choosing to do so, but as teenagers young women need to know that no matter what type of body they have they are beautiful, and a Kardashian body is certainly not the only beautiful, or hot body! Kim needs to come clean!!!

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