kodak-black-and-lil-wayneKodak Black has apparently decided that he will dethrone YMCMB rapper Lil Wayne as the best rapper alive. After he eats his ass that is…

kodak-black-aboogieKodak Black posted a video to social media, along side fellow rapper A Boogie, showing off some ice and challenging Lil Wayne to a fight. Apparently since Chris Breezy, and Soulja Boy are doing it Kodak is feeling a little left out of the sandbox. Kodak claims he is the best rapper alive, and wants to fight Lil Wayne in the ring for the title. Oh yeah, and he says he doesn’t even needa trainer! Kodak says he’ll “knock that stupid ass n*gga out”.

Can I take a moment to point out something pretty obvious real quick… If you are fighting for the title of best rapper alive, uhm, shouldn’t you maybe be uh, be rapping for it? The hell does anyone’s fighting skills have to do with rapping? These men and their ego’s are mind blowing.

This is not the first time Kodak Black has taken shots at Lil Wayne, I’m not quite sure what the particular obsession is with the Cash Money rapper, but Kodak apparently really, really wants Lil Waynes attention. The question is does Lil Wayne even know who Kodak Black is? My thoughts are, eh, probably not. Weezy baby probably has more pressing concerns going on in his life, like maybe trying  to figure out whether he is or is not for the BLM movement.

Watch Kodak’s fight night invitation below:

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